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What advantages gives adaptive quantization...
#1 the adaptive quantization is present in hybrid?How to enable it,and how to set properly?

EDIT: ok i found this switch in hybrid but i dont know what strenght is good for that.Seems this switch disables adaptive quantization.At my config strength and temporal is grayed out.Do the checked spatial enables adaptive quantization?
No clue what encoder you use.
nvenc h265

how to enable adaptive quantization?do the strenght value must be biiger than zero?I have this option grayed out in that developer versjion last u send me.sorry for my english Tongue

i found this :
--aq-strength <float>

Adjust the strength of the adaptive quantization offsets. Setting --aq-strength to 0 disables AQ. At aq-modes 2 and 3, high aq-strengths will lead to high QP offsets resulting in a large difference in achieved bitrates.

Default 1.0. Range of values: 0.0 to 3.0


so i cant enable adaptive quantization in hybrid for now. Sad

You can do something with this?
A. x265 has nothing todo with NVEnc.
B. Hybrid will disable the option unless your graphic Card supports it. See: NVEncC --check-features
Ok.My graphic card dont supports this adaptive quentization.By the way you can tell me what is default value of constant quentizer for h265 codeck.I cant find that value.Do the hybrid value is default for that codeck or its random?
I have gtx 1060 and no support for aq? :o When you updated last time h265 or nv encc its probably new feature.
It's not really a new feature it's simply just not supported, (especially for H265) by most chips.

Cu Selur
I stick here again because i have new info. I can enable AQ in staxrip but not in hybrid.Why?With staxrip works only adaptive quantization but not aq temporal.In hybrid none of this works.I dont want to change software to staxrip to enable adaptive quantization.Why it works in Staxrip and not in Hybrid?In Staxrip its represented by "--aq"
Adaptive quantizer can be used if your are not using constant quantizer encoding.
Hybrid has three adaptive quantization related options under 'NVEnc->Base->adaptive quantization':
1. spatial, this correlates to '--aq' and enabled the spatial adaptive quantization
2. strength, this correlates to '--aq-strength' and is only available when encoding to H.264. It allows to control the strength of the adaptive quantization
3. temporal, this correlated to '--aq-temporal' is only available when encoding to H.264 and when 'NVEncC --check-features' reports 'AQ (temporal) yes'.
I got no problem using adaptive quantization here using a NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti and NVEncC.
En-/Disabling 'Spatial' properly removes and adds '--aq' to the command line, don't see a mistake in Hybrids handling of the option.

Quote:Why it works in Staxrip and not in Hybrid?
I don't know if you simply didn't enable 'spatial' or if you have some problem I'm not aware of. From my current perspective Hybrid properly allows to enable spatial adaptive quantization without a problem.

Cu Selur
I dont knowed that i cant use constant quantizer with aq.Now i can use aq vith bitrate setting not the quantization.Thanks for help.
constant kind of means no fluctuation, adaptation,... Wink

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