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[HELP] Selecting all titles when reading DVD
I have an old self created DVD - it has static tiltle screens and short video clips from a camera.

Now I want to dave it to a mp4 ...

Hybrid finds 16 titles, but skips all besides one (the longest)

I tried in the "CONFIG"-Tab (Automation and Input)
"First title"
Disable "Ignore Playlists with"

that gives me in the log

Title_01     -> Removed title 01, since it's length 12s) is below the abolsute minimum of 20s)
Title_02      -> Removed title 02, since it's length 108s) is below the specified minimum (600s)
Title_03     -> Removed title 03, since it's length 3s) is below the abolsute minimum of 20s)
Title_04      -> Removed title 04, since it's length 124s) is below the specified minimum (600s)
Title_05     -> Removed title 05, since it's length 3s) is below the abolsute minimum of 20s)
Title_06      -> Removed title 06, since it's length 305s) is below the specified minimum (600s)
Title_07     -> Removed title 07, since it's length 3s) is below the abolsute minimum of 20s)
Title_08      -> Removed title 08, since it's length 99s) is below the specified minimum (600s)
Title_09     -> Removed title 09, since it's length 3s) is below the abolsute minimum of 20s)
Title_10      -> Removed title 10, since it's length 80s) is below the specified minimum (600s)
Title_11     -> Removed title 11, since it's length 3s) is below the abolsute minimum of 20s)
Title_12      -> Removed title 12, since it's length 38s) is below the specified minimum (600s)
Title_13     -> Removed title 13, since it's length 3s) is below the abolsute minimum of 20s)
Title_15     -> Removed title 15, since it's length 3s) is below the abolsute minimum of 20s)
Title_16      -> Removed title 16, since it's length 70s) is below the specified minimum (600s)
   -> resulting effective title count: 1

furthermore I get for some titles:
 Analyzing a/v for title 16 of 16.
  Using container length (455.44) instead of audio length(6.208)

So how can I just get the whole content - potentially with internal chapter marks to one MP4?

Thank You
Please, read the 'Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,..'-sticky before you post about a problem.
Atm. Hybrid has a hard limit of 20sec for dummy tracks, no way for the user around it.
The other limit can be changed under "Config->Input->Ignore playlist with".

If you want to create one file from all the titles, where each title is in a chapter then Hybrid is the wrong tool.

Your best best bet is to first remux the DVD using mkvtoolnix or MakeMKV, merge the output of those files (assuming they have all the same characteristics) and then feed the mkv to Hybrid.

Cu Selur
Thank you, makeMKV did help to extract all content!

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