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Deinterlace a DVD lossy using QTGMC hybrid?
Im trying to deinterlace a DVD lossy using QTGMC hybrid.
Could someone explain what are the best settings.
Im trying to preserve as much quality as possible.
I hope to upscale it and transfer to blu-ray
Is the quality better from doubled framerate or not?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Quote:Could someone explain what are the best settings.
No clue what would be considered to be the best settings. There are no settings which will always produce the best visual or lossless results. Normally folks want the pre- and post-processing QTGMC does. So in general I would recommend just to use the preset which matches your quality&speed needs.
If you really want to know more about the settings of QTGMC and how to preserve more of the original data best read and the script itself.
For more lossless content using the 'Lossless' option and lowering 'Sharpness' are usually a good idea.

Quote:I hope to upscale it and transfer to blu-ray
Then doubling the frame and upscaling make sure you use a Blu-ray compliant combination then. see:

Quote:Is the quality better from doubled framerate or not?
If your content is interlaced then bobbing will preserve more motion data and potentially provide a more fluid output at the cost of doubling the frame count. If your content is not interplaced but telecined, do not use QTGMC. If your source is an NTSC DVD than it's probably not interlaced, but telecined. QTGMC on it's own is not suitable to be used on telecine content. (TIVCT+QTGMC, VIVITC+QTGMC, QTGMC+sRestore or just a IVTC method should be used then.)
-> Seeing that you do not know what you are doing:
  • you should read up on what interlacing and telecine is, how to differenciate between them and how to deal with them.
  • Hybrid might not be the right tool for you, since it's meant for users with more experience. Sure it can be used with others, but tools like MeGui and StaxRip are probably more suited since they are more starter friendly.

Cu Selur
Thank you so much for the response that was most helpful.

I have Staxrip its easier to use but I was told QTGMC hybrid was easier.

All I want is to Deinterlace to make upscaling easier.  Garbage in Garbage out as they say.

I will fully admit I feel like a NASA chimp franticly pushing buttons hoping for a banana!

When the framerate doubles the audio no long syncs up correctly.  I do like the smooth motion though.

Most of my DVD's are PAL.

I seem to have less  options transferring to Blu-ray if the framerates are doubled.

I was hoping for 1920x1440 since its 4:3 Anime I'm working on.  I have movies too.

I'm looking for the settings that preserve the best quility.  I know there is know perfect setup but rough explanion would help.

In Staxrip it says field QTGMC medium then a pile of oppition if you right click what does it mean should I not be worried.

How do I reduce the double framerate or is there a way to get the audio to sync up again.

Sorry for all the questions but you seem to be knowledgeable in these things and I just need to know what does what so I can work out what is best for my needs.

Many Thanks
Normally doubling the frame rate&frame count should ne cause sync issues unless you input if vfr.

Quote:I was hoping for 1920x1440 since its 4:3 Anime I'm working on
Okay, if you are working with animes, forget any QTGMC tuning as it's not worth it. Preset 'Faster' should be fine.
You probably might want to look more into Anime4K, Waifu2k and similar upscalers.

Cu Selur
If you can share a small sample of your source with me I can have a look at it and suggest something.

Cu Selur
Sorry for the delay health issues. Can't sit at computer for long periods.

Thanks for the help.  How do I attach a video? It says not allowed.
You can't really attach clips&co, they simply too large.
If you want to share a clip, upload it somewhere like googledrive and share it with me via pm.

Cu Selur

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