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Bought new 12700K CPU bit Hybrid only utilizes 20 percent of it
Hello Selur

I recently have bought a new 12 coreIntel 12700k thinking that it will actaully help to speed video conversion to 60 fps but however to my surprise conversion speed is almost the same as with my old 6 core CPU. I am wondering what is the problem and why my new CPU only utilizes 20 percent  of its capability when converting video.

I hope you can help Thank you for you time.

Quote:I am wondering what is the problem and why my new CPU only utilizes 20 percent  of its capability when converting video.
Okay, using a cpu which offers more threads and probably not a much higher core speed only makes sense when before all the cores where saturated and the processing speed was limited by the account of available cores.

To investigate what is causing the low cpu usage you need to check whether the encoder (or it's settings) or the filtering (one multiple of the used filters) is the problem.

Since you didn't share details on what you do you can do the following:
Create a file with the Vapoursynth script that would be used during encoding and test how fast that would be processed.To do this you would (before creating the job for processing) look at the Vapoursynth Preview (to make sure any used indexing file exists and to check that the script works) and the Vapoursynth Script Preview. Then you would create a test.vpy file with the content of the script shown in the Vapoursynth Script Preview and call:"PATH TO HYBRID/64bit/Vapoursynth/VSPipe.exe" -p "PATH to the test.vpy" NUL in a Windows Command Line prompt.This will do the decoding and filtering of the source without the decoding.While the decoding is running check the cpu utilisation.If the utilisation is low then the used script is the issue. (which is either the fault of one of the filters used, the source filter or the script can't get the source faster)
If the utlilisation is high the speed you see is the max speed you can get and the bottleneck is the encoder.

If the script is the bottleneck share the script with me and may be I can suggest something.
Also note that with newer Intel cpus the configuration on how efficiency cores are used or not might also influence the general speed. (there were a few threads about it over at doom9s a while ago where users reported that depending on their settings they get different speeds)

Cu Selur
Try to set Config->FFMpeg/Mencoder threads: 20 (guess this is the max threads amount for your CPU)

It is always could be a bottleneck outside CPU, for example too slow GPU or media read/write speed. 
Share your PC setup, filters chain and Hybrid settings
Hello and sorry for the late reply

My settings are 12700k CPU and and rx 5600 GPU. 

In Hybrid I use:

1. in x264 I use: bitrate 25000, mpg 4 AVC level 5.2

2. in filtering I use: vaporsynth/frame interpolation: interframe svp, FPS 60 fps

I hope you can help.

GPU Open CL feels rather slow even compare to RX 580 released 5 years ago. (I measure by that card because i currently use RX 580. It is OK Open CL GPU, but way slower than many modern medium priced GPUs) So if SVP or x264 somehow use Open CL, it could be a bottleneck compare to your CPU.

Also x264 may slowdown things. Try encode to master copy using lossless and ultra fast FFV1 codec. Make sure set it to Version 3 to allow multiprocessing. Then do additional encode to x264.

[Image: 114176.png]
Seems like my post got ignored. Big Grin
Thnak for your reply but Im still not sure if I understand all of your directions Smile. There is probably bottleneck somewhere but the question is where and how do I solve this "20 percent usage problem"
I posted instructions, if those don't help I can't help.
maybe I should try different settings what would you suggest from 4K 23 FPS to 4K 60 fps?
Quote:maybe I should try different settings
Blindly testing stuff without systematically checking what the cause of the bottleneck is does not seem a good idea.
Quote:what would you suggest from 4K 23 FPS to 4K 60 fps?
I would probably use RIFE or FrameRateConverter (with RIFE) use a multiplier of 3 to get 69fps and then use sRestore to get to 60fps. This would be a lot slower than SVP.

Cu Selur

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