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Converting 4K 23fps to 4K 60fps Crashing
Hello again

I am trying to convert 4K 23 fps to 4K 60 fps video (with the 2 pass vaporsynth/ other/ frame.interpolation/inteframe.svp 60 frames and smooth) but conversion in the first pass completes only 4-5 percent then starting a to do a second pass and then after few percent of progress completely crashing.

Maybe you you know what could be the problem here?

Thank you
From that description: No clue.
Follow all of these instruction and answer the questions if you need/want help, I'm no magic oracle.
  • Read sticky, provide info as listed in the sticky.
  • I assume that 'completely crashing' means Hybrid closes, is that assumtion correct? If not please specify what happens.
  • Does the Vapoursynth Preview work properly? If it does not, what error message is shown and what does the Vapoursynth script look like?

Wild guesses:
  • some driver issue, which cause svp to crash.
  • source filter has issues with the source.
  • some issues in Hybrid (which I can't say anything about without a debug output)

Cu Selur
Thank you for the information but only if I could understand what it all what it means Smile.

Basically what happens is that conversion does not even completely finish 1st pass (only few percent) then starts to do the 2nd pass and then after some time (few percent progress) instead of finishing gives out a message in the jobs tab state table that it had crashed. Hybrid itself does not crash: I just get message in the jobs tab table state column: crashed
Read and follow the instructions to provide enough data so I can try to reproduce the problem.

Cu Selur

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