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[HELP] Help Removing Blurred Area On Side of Video

I have a DVD TV episode video that is showing a blurred area down the left side of the video. Below is a screenshot sample of the area in question and the untouched video itself is shared on a link below that. I was reading through older posts on the forum and saw some mention of EdgeFixer but not sure if that is the correct filter to use and if so, what settings to try.

I do realize there's lots of other cleanup this video needs (deinterlacing, etc., etc,..) but would be awesome to get some guidance primarily on the blurred area but will never turn away any additional recommendations you have! Smile (Not really looking to upscale as that may be more hassle than it's worth with this source video)

[Image: xCawLPG.png]

Here's the untouched video file remuxed to MKV straight from the retail DVD.

Frist I would crop (left:4, top:0, right: 16, bottom: 0)
Then I would apply "Filtering->Vapoursynth->Line->Misc->EdgeFixer" with "l=28" which first
[Image: edgefixer-okay.png]
seemed like a decent (and fast Wink) solution, but scrolling through the clip it causes problems (luma flickering) in some scenes.
[Image: edgefixer-fail.png]
Looking at the source in splitYUV-Filterview:
[Image: %3EYUV.png]
it seems like the problem is only in the Y-plane.
So I thought about to only a boxblur to the Y-plane on the first 32pixels (after cropping), but that isn't a good idea either. :/
[Image: boxblur.png]
So, playing a round a bit more my current favorite is using "Filtering->Vapoursynth->Line->Misc->Balance Borders", still not perferct, but a good start.
# Fix bright and dark line artifacts near the border of an image using BalanceBorders
clip = havsfunc.bbmod(c=clip,cLeft=28,cTop=0,cRight=0,cBottom=0,thresh=20)

Cu Selur
Thanks for the recommendation! I'll give that a try to see how it turns out and update the results once I do.

You definitely go above and beyond on helping us all on our questions!  Smile


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