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[HELP] Vapoursynth, Frame, Stabilize not working
I started using Hybrid back in 2018 & currently using Hybrid 2022.03.20.01. All of the features & filters work for me except Stabilize under Frames in Vapoursynth. I tried different parameters of that filter with out any results. I tried searching forum for answers without luck. Can anyone please advise me on what I'm doing wrong. All of the videos I'm processing are 720x480 29.97fps interlaced. These are the tools/filters that I activate:

- Crop
- Resize
- De-Interlace (QTGMC)
- Vapoursynth (MC Temporal Denoise)
- Vapoursynth (FineSharp)
- Vapoursynth (Stabilize) (no visible stabilization using different parameters)

Sample video:
Shaking usually is characterized as short jitters to the sides/up/down, the movement in your clip is probably to slow to be counted as such a jitter.
Hybrid atm. only supports range values for 'Stab' of a maximum of 10 frames, looking at the clip that is way to small for your clip.

Even using something like range 100 and min/max 120:
# stabilizing using Stab
clip = lostfunc.Stab(clp=clip,range=100,mirror=0,dxmax=120,dymax=120)
# cropping the video to 480x456
clip = core.std.CropRel(clip=clip, left=120, right=120, top=12, bottom=12)

doesn't work, propably since the clip doesn't have much details that could be used as reference points.
-> I agree that 'Stab' the stabilize filter which Hybrid used can't handle your video.
Sadly I also don't know of any filter for Avisynth or Vapoursynth which could 'deshake' your content.

Cu Selur
Here is a different video with the jitter shake up & down only which I am not able to fix with that filter.
I will look at the clip, but since I use stab from time to time I know that it works.
There will always be content you can't fix with the filter.
If you find another Vapoursynth filter that works with your clips let me know.
-> played a round with with clip and one would probably need a custom script to stabilize it.
Found a way to stabilize the clips using Vapoursynth, but I'll need a bit to implement it in Hybrid.
Send you a link to a dev version via PM which should help with the clips.

Cu Selur
Thank you. It worked for the flower video creating black moving borders but it did not work for the jerky video where man was speaking. Since I have no idea how to add those filters to the Hybrid, I appreciate you helping me. Also because this new stabilizer filter ignores Crop it is not very usable for me, unless there is a way to fix that.
StabilizeIT does zoom into the clip to hide shaking borders.
You can crop before or after the filter. (you just need to change the filter order)
My guess is that StabilizeIT doesn't cope well with the mess the fields of that clip are in.
-> if anyone knows of another generic statbilize script for Vapoursynth, that works here let me know and I can add support for it

You can ask the folks over at one of them might have the time and motivation to write some custom Avisynth script for the clip.

Cu Selur
*gig* after some thinking I realized, Stabilizing is the wrong approach for the main problem of the 2nd clip.
If doesn't need stabilizing it needs deflickering. Smile

Cu Selur
Send you a link to a dev version which supports ReduceFlicker (, made the clip from above using FFT3DFilter (chroma plane only), StabilizeIT and ReduceFlicker.

Cu Selur

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