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[HELP] 25fps to 23.976fps audio synch issue
PAL input, Audio set to passthrough, bobbed QTGMC De-interlace, and sRestore to 23.976, but the audio is not correctly synched. Is there a way of ensuring the audio stays in synch?

Like always no details. Angry

Wild guess is that one or multiple of these criteria are true for your source:
  • source is vfr (or at least flagged as vfr)
  • source fps is wrong on container or stream (by default Hybrid takes the frame rate from the container)
  • your source is buggy
Quote:Is there a way of ensuring the audio stays in synch?
No, there is no way to ensure anything.
If your source is not buggy, is properly flagged and Hybrid properly configured, bobbing and applying sRestore should not influence the a/v sync.

Can't say more since you did not share details about the nature of your source.
If your source is a remux from a PAL DVD or Blu-ray and inside an mkv container.
  • enabling: Config->Internals->Handling->Ignore all input timecoes (since DVD are not vfr)
  • enabling: Config->Internals->Prefer Original->Frame rate (to look at the stream frame rate instead of the container frame rate)

Cu Selur
My captured files direct from VHS seem to be OK. It's some older .avi files I was given which seem to be the problem. I'll try your settings out.
Like always: Read the sticky, provide proper details, otherwise any advice can just be guesses,...

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