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Encoding exceeds 100%
I'm creating some MP4 files from DVDs.
I have a few issues with 1 and 2 pass encoding.
For some DVDs the whole process works correctly Smile
However, I guess some DVDs are bad and when I try and encode them they go over 100% during the encoding phase and the software gets stuck.

I have used PGCDemux to extract the chapters I want and the 1st scenes are okay i.e. if there are 40 chapters and an extract 1-10 or 11-30, but when working with the last chapters. Even when I try to encode the .m2v that I have extracted from the chapters I cannot get it to encoded.

I guess I need to fix the DVD before I encode?, Could you recommend any ways to do this, or any ways to get the extraction and encoding working correctly.

Thanks in advance for your help

The exceeding 100% usually happens if Hybrid got the length of the input wrong.
With out a debug output that is all I can say, since I have not clue what is happening or what you are doing.
Hi, please find attached the log file
This encode get to 100.07%


This one gets to 100.07%

Can't seem to attach the file, so the debug file can be found here.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Okay, seems like the global progress indication is 'off' by one job count.
-> send you a link to my current dev version via pm let me know if that verison fixes it.

Cu Selur
Hi Thanks for this, 

However, I've been playing around and using makeMKV seems to work well, so I'll use this method.
Initially I was unhappy as the extracted MPEG2 file causes blocks on seek in VLC, however once converted to .mp4 using Hybrid all seems good and ll the sound is aligned.
So I'll use this.

Thanks for your help and thanks for a great piece of software.


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