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x264 and x265
my old CPU i7-6700K - was without problems

my new CPU i7-12700 - problems started - The hybrid is not stable when I choose x264 or x265 codecs
it starts for a long time or immediately goes into freezing, then after a while:
- either frozen at some % of processing
- or processes the file in 5 seconds
- either breaks win10 blue screen comes out

BSOD: The computer was restarted after a critical error. Error Code: 0x0000007f Memory dump saved in: C:\WINDOWS\MEMORY.DMP. Report code: ee6278be-f8f8-40c4-bae7-d91bd7ade95c.

[Image: view?usp=sharing]
Sounds like a bug in some assembler code in x265 and x264, not a bug in Hybrid itself, so probably not something I can really help.

x264 has two options:
--asm <integer>         Override CPU detection
      --no-asm                Disable all CPU optimizations
looking at
Differently to what the command line states one can also list the parameters for asm with strings. Wink
Potential values are listed in checkasm.c (

So what you could do is:
a. enable debug output (likE stated in the sticky; alternatively the report file also includes this info)
b. check out when x264 crashes which extension it is using. The debug output should contain a line like:
x264 [info]: using cpu capabilities: MMX2 SSE2Fast SSSE3 SSE4.2 AVX FMA3 BMI2 AVX2
which states the used extension and would correspond to a x264 command line addition like:
--asm mmx,sse2fast,ssse3,sse42,avx,fma3,bmi2,avx2
(yours will probably contain different options)
c. remove one of the options, add the addition under x264->Misc->Imports/Additions->Command line->Addition and try encoding.
Repeat the last step until you figure out which assembler optimization is causing the issue.
d. report the problem to the x264 developers

Same thing for x265, see:

I attached the latest x264/x265 builds I compiled (no code changes since then) and attahed them, so you can try whether extracting the attached file into your Hybrid/64bit folder and replacing the x264.exe and x265.exe helps.
I doubt it since at least the x265 commit list ( does not mention anything that seems related.

Cu Selur
I suspect that all these problems are due to the large file size, I have been processing 4K content lately. Perhaps the bitrate is too high for a hybrid? please check - on average +/- 80k
I doubt it, also if it is a Hybrid bug, it couldn't crash the OS.
I also doubt it's related to the bitrate.
To be sure I just did a 8k encode with 200k+ bitrate 2pass an 1pass abr and encoding worked fine. (x264 and x265)
I also did a few 8k encode with crf 14 which probably had higher bit rates a few month ago without problems.

OS crashes and memory issue are usually either:
  • a bug in the assembler code (usually happens on new cpus)
  • an issue due to overclocking (no memtest, calculating pi are not relyable)
  • a heat issue which causes memory, transistors, etc. to have issues
  • some hardware issue
  • some virus scanner runnin amok

Cu Selur
please re-adapt the application for CPUs with hybrid processors. like an ARM CPU.
now all new CPUs have multiple different cores. the future belongs to them.
old processors had identical cores and threads.

y old CPU i7-6700K - was without problems

my new CPU i7-12700 - problems started
a. Hybrid does not support ARM since most of the stuff Hybrid uses doe snot support ARM.
b. There is nothing I could change to specially support CPUs with normal and performance cores unless the encoders have special support for these. So if you want to change something you have to contact the authors of the encoders.

Cu Selur
ah, thanks!
i7-12700 is not ARM processor. It just use two types of cores
My guess components and tasks used in Hybrid just can't decide which cores to use or instantly switch between low and high performance cores which may cause system panic. It also could be OS, hardware or BIOS bug because all those newly released PC tech usually very far from perfect and usually it took 1-2 years until all bugfixes released for BIOS and OS drivers, and until software will be optimized enough to fully support new tech.
(28.08.2022, 23:35)shijan Wrote: i7-12700 is not ARM processor. It just use two types of cores

omg - please go
Like I wrote, I suspect its an issue with the assembler code (or heat or overclocked/instable system,...)
Just using the wrong cores should only lead to slow downs not an os crash or memory issues.
Hybrid itself is a GUI and does not adjust cores etc. which core is used for what is the responsibility of the OS.

Cu Selur

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