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File Renaming

Hybrid is great. But I'm having a file renaming problem.

Just to simplify, I set up a source folder of 5 clips called Test A, Test B, Test C, Test D & Test E. Wanted to process them and send them to a destination folder.

Hybrid processes and creates the first 4 files successfully, but then doesn't create Test E and instead renames Test A as Test B.

So I end up with a destination folder containing only 3 of 5 files - Test B, Test C and Test D - and in which Test A has been renamed as Test B.

What am I doing wrong?

MattPlease, read the 'Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,..'-sticky before you post about a problem.

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Quote:So I end up with a destination folder containing only 3 of 5 files - Test B, Test C and Test D - and in which Test A has been renamed as Test B.
Looking through the log everything looks fine for A to D.

But the jobs for E are messed up.
First "2022-09-29@14_28_56_1354_01_create" creates the Vapoursynth script,
Then "2022-09-29@14_28_56_1354_03_cleanUp" is processed. "2022-09-29@14_28_56_1354_02_video" is missing!
Then there is some renaming, done.

Problem is: This is not a problem in the job processing, but the job creation, but the debug output only contains the job processing.

Can you recreate the jobs and create a debug output of that?
No actual processing is needed, you can also see that the problem occurred if you look at the sub-jobs. There should not be a missing sub job!

If you can create a debug output of a job creation which creates a job with missing sub jobs, I might be able to diagnose and fix the issue.

Cu Selur

Ps.: As a general advice, set a dedicated temp folder and not the default 'private' crap folders newer MacOS uses as users temp folders, since that MacOS sometimes does strange stuff in those folders.
Okay, I created a new temp folder, then dragged in the 5 clips again. The debug is attached.

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.zip (Size: 76,23 KB / Downloads: 16)
Now the debug output only contains, the loading of the source. Job creation is missing.
Make sure to set the output folder, then enable debug output and staring the job creation. Smile
Have to go to bed now. 18hrs awake, but I'll look at it tomorrow if you manage to create a debug output with the job creation in it. Smile

Cu Selur
Oh shoot, sorry. Okay, debug attached. Take your time! Much appreciated.

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.zip (Size: 136,85 KB / Downloads: 16)
During the job creation Hybrid reports through a popup:
Quote:x264: Current level, framerate, resolution combination is not valid.
It would results in a max reference frame count of zero!
-> output will not be compatible to selected profile@level!
this causes that there will be no video subjob which seems to be the start of the problem.
-> you might wan to either set the x264 encoder to use unrestricted as level or use a higher level which allows 4k. The default 4.1 Level is not enough.
I suspect that if you do that and the jobs will be created properly, the source confusion does not happen.

Cu Selur

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