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[HELP] How to VMAF? [Related to Staxrip]

How can i use VMAF? I want to see the Score VMAF values after encoding a Video.

What happens if i change PSNR ot VMAF in Tune?

Im Encoding with AV1 Aom, 1-Pass, CPU 4, Constant Quality 19

I want to see the metric scores with different Constant Quality Values 19 - 24 and so on..

I have no clue about how to use it and what i does exactly if i would change Tune to VMAF. Do i need set it to VMAF to see the metric scores anywhere in the logfile after Encoding?

[Image: 8PQYYpw.png]

EDIT: I already used search, but i only figure out VMAF can Score Video Quality

Quote:I want to see the Score VMAF values after encoding a Video.
No clue about StaxRip, but as far as I know, VMAF tuning will not output a VMAF score at the end of the encoding.
Neither will SSIM or PSRN tuning output the calculated values.
So unless StaxRip additionally calculates the score, you are out of luck.

Cu Selur

Ps.: depending on your source I would not recommend using VMAF as tune option as it might at heavy sharpening accompanied by ringing. (iirc. vmaf_without_preprocessing was the only of those vmaf tune options which wasn't horrible in my tests)
A little bit late, but others might read this, too:
It's not exactly what you want (getting VMAF score directly from Staxrip), but in this post I posted a batch script which can do the job with the help of ffmpeg. Simply save it as a textfile and change file extension to .cmd or .bat.
It points to ffmpeg.exe in the Hybrid folder, but you can also use every other folder which has a subfolder named "64 bit" and contains ffmpeg.exe.
It calculates VMAF, SSIM and PSNR and logs it to various logfiles.

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