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[HELP] Output to mp4/x264 very slow
Is there something I can do to speed the encoder up? It seems to get to 100%, then starts again. So far it has taken over 24 hours, now it says there's another 62 hours remaining.

If I set the x264 preset to "fast" or "faster" would that help, without reducing the quality too much? It is currently set to "none", which I guess is "medium" by default?
Since you did not care to share what settings you are using, it's hard to tell what changes will speed up things.
Especially without knowing the bitrate/crf and the content type you use. With a really high bit rate (compored to the content) faster settings don't hurt, with low bit rates they do. Wink
The defaults Hybrid uses are not the same as the 'medium' defaults of x264.

Cu Selur
Apologies, script:


# Imports
import os
import sys
import vapoursynth as vs
# getting Vapoursynth core
core = vs.core
# Import scripts folder
scriptPath = '/Applications/'
sys.path.insert(0, os.path.abspath(scriptPath))
# Import scripts
import edi_rpow2
import G41Fun
import mvsfunc
import lostfunc
import adjust
import havsfunc
# source: '/Volumes/Drobo/MyJobs/84. IBIZA CONNECTION/SUPPLIED/Ibiza Connection Master AVI'
# current color space: YUV422P12, bit depth: 12, resolution: 720x576, fps: 25, color matrix: 470bg, yuv luminance scale: limited, scanorder: bottom field first
# Loading /Volumes/Drobo/MyJobs/84. IBIZA CONNECTION/SUPPLIED/Ibiza Connection Master AVI using LWLibavSource
clip = core.lsmas.LWLibavSource(source="/Volumes/Drobo/MyJobs/84. IBIZA CONNECTION/SUPPLIED/Ibiza Connection Master AVI", format="YUV422P12", cache=0, fpsnum=25, prefer_hw=0)
# Setting color matrix to 470bg.
clip = core.std.SetFrameProps(clip, _Matrix=5)
clip = clip if not core.text.FrameProps(clip,'_Transfer') else core.std.SetFrameProps(clip, _Transfer=5)
clip = clip if not core.text.FrameProps(clip,'_Primaries') else core.std.SetFrameProps(clip, _Primaries=5)
# Setting color range to TV (limited) range.
clip = core.std.SetFrameProp(clip=clip, prop="_ColorRange", intval=1)
# making sure frame rate is set to 25
clip = core.std.AssumeFPS(clip=clip, fpsnum=25, fpsden=1)
# setting field order to what QTGMC should assume (bottom field first)
clip = core.std.SetFrameProp(clip=clip, prop="_FieldBased", intval=1)
# Deinterlacing using QTGMC
clip = havsfunc.QTGMC(Input=clip, Preset="Fast", TFF=False) # new fps: 50
# make sure content is preceived as frame based
clip = core.std.SetFieldBased(clip, 0)
# adjusting frame count and rate with sRestore
clip = havsfunc.srestore(source=clip, frate=23.9760, omode=6, speed=9, thresh=16, mode=2)
# Color Adjustment
clip = adjust.Tweak(clip=clip, hue=5.00, sat=0.90, cont=0.95, bright=48, coring=True)
# adjusting color space from YUV422P12 to YUV444P16 for vsDeSpot
clip = core.resize.Bicubic(clip=clip, format=vs.YUV444P16, range_s="limited")
clip = lostfunc.DeSpot(o=clip)
clip = lostfunc.DeSpot(o=clip)
clip = lostfunc.DeSpot(o=clip)
# cropping the video to 680x544
clip = core.std.CropRel(clip=clip, left=20, right=20, top=18, bottom=14)
# adjusting color space from YUV444P16 to YUV444P8 for vsMLDegrain
clip = core.resize.Bicubic(clip=clip, format=vs.YUV444P8, range_s="limited")
# removing grain using MLDegrain
clip = G41Fun.MLDegrain(clip=clip, tr=1, rec=True, soft=[0,0,0])
# denoising using HQDN3D
clip = core.hqdn3d.Hqdn3d(clip=clip, lum_spac=0.00, chrom_spac=7.00, chrom_tmp=10.50)
# contrast sharpening using CAS
clip = core.cas.CAS(clip=clip, sharpness=0.700)
# deringing using HQDeringmod
clip = havsfunc.HQDeringmod(clip, nrmode=2, darkthr=3.0)
# resizing using ZNEDI3
clip = edi_rpow2.nnedi3_rpow2(clip=clip, rfactor=4) # 2720x2176
# adjusting resizing
clip = core.fmtc.resample(clip=clip, w=1440, h=1080, kernel="lanczos", interlaced=False, interlacedd=False)
# letterboxing 1440x1080 to 1920x1080
clip = core.std.AddBorders(clip=clip, left=240, right=240, top=0, bottom=0)
# adjusting output color from: YUV444P16 to YUV420P8 for x264Model
clip = core.resize.Bicubic(clip=clip, format=vs.YUV420P8, range_s="limited")
# set output frame rate to 23.976fps
clip = core.std.AssumeFPS(clip=clip, fpsnum=24000, fpsden=1001)
# Output

I just noticed this: interlaced=False, interlacedd=False)

Could this be causing any issues?
Quote:interlaced=False, interlacedd=False
first specifies input, the other output interlaced handling

Quote:Is there something I can do to speed the encoder up? It seems to get to 100%, then starts again. So far it has taken over 24 hours, now it says there's another 62 hours remaining.
You didn't share your encoding settings, but you want advice on your encoding settings.
If you used for example 2-pass encoding, this could be normal seeing your script.
Since your aim for YUV420P8 output, enabling 'Filtering->Vapoursynth->Misc->Source->Convert to target color space after source filter' might speed up the Vapoursynth script.

Cu Selur

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