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Can't find a filter or an effect to "reduce blue"
Probably i need to do this in post-processing with a video editor but i was hoping that can be done in Hybrid (i don't need to cut/edit this clip)
i have a VHS totally "blue" or "without" red ... probably a camcorder issue. or a wrong settings during recording (neon lights option)

this is a processed part using hybrid (deinterlaced, removegrain,crop,letterbox fillblackframes) (MKV inside)

can be made some sort of script/code that can reduce the blue effect?

very thank you (i searched the forum but i found only general HUE and saturation tweaks)

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Grayworld, some LUT or Avisynths RGBAdjust might help.
Would need a small clip of the source to be give proper advice.

Cu Selur
--- mainly offline 20.-26 of May ---
very thank you for the help Selur Smile
this is a small clip from original footage:
Instead of trying to manually adjust this (using RGBAdjust), look at:
Grayworld (median):
[Image: grafik.png]
Grayworld (mean):
[Image: grafik.png]
[Image: grafik.png]
ColorYUV-AutoWhite-AutoGrain (Avisynth):
[Image: Avisynth-Color-YUV-Auto-White-Auto-Grain.png]
and then try to clean it up.

Cu Selur
--- mainly offline 20.-26 of May ---
thank you Selur!
Hello Selur,

   the "RGBAdjust" is an Avisynth filter. In Vapoursynth this filter is missing, instead of there is the filter "Auto white",  but I'm not sure that the behavior is the same.
   If this is not the case, it could be possible to add a filter equivalent to "RGBAdjust"  in Vapoursynth  ?

Sadly, atm. there is no port of RGBAdjust for Vapoursynth, so adding something similar isn't really possible.
Vapoursynth authors write: "RGBAdjust std.Lut Do the adjustment yourself with a lut", see:
_Al_ posted a rough translation over at VideoHelp which could be used in a custom section.

Cu Selur

Ps.: did a quick test, extracting the attached zip into the vsscripts folder an using:
# requires colorformat RGB24
import rgbAdjust
clip = rgbAdjust.RGBAdjust(rgb=clip, r=1.0, g=1.0, b=1.0, a=1.0, rb=1.0, gb=1.0, bb=0.0, ab=0.0, rg=1.0, gg=1.0, bg=1.0, ag=1.0)
worked fine here. script:
Note, that some other script need to be imported so that Hybrid automatically expands the sys.path, otherwise one would need to expand sys.path in the custom section too.
--- mainly offline 20.-26 of May ---
Hello Selur,

    good to know that there is a working replacement.
    There is any hope that the filter "" will be added as standard filter in the next version of Hybrid ?

There is always hope. (I wanted to add it a few weeks ago, but due to some emergency in the company I work at, I didn't have much free time lately an atm. I'm too lazy. + starting to search my things together for RockHarz next week. Smile)

Side note: The next public release will definitely include Custom script/filter additions, so one can even integrate stuff into the GUI even when Hybrid does not support them out of the box, by writing an .xml file (and providing the dlls&co).

Cu Selur
--- mainly offline 20.-26 of May ---
Working nice Smile

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