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Multilevel L0/L1 references now not working
Haven't changed anything about container handling for years,....

works fine here.
and multipass is only allowed with vbr&cbr (

=> seems to be fine, can't see a problem

Cu Selur

Ps.: if you switch between versions make sure to uninstall the previous Hybrid version and delete the settings.
I did notice the tooltip on the Encoding mode, where it mentions the Constant/Variable (HQ), it mentions it being the same as Constant/Variable with 2 pass full. The C/V (HQ) options have been removed from the drop down box next to it.

I did uninstall the older version and I did rename all the settings to .bak so that they would not affect anything. I deleted any remaining files in the Hybrid install location and I only kept the styles because I dislike white windows.
The command line shows:
NVEnc --avhw -i -INPUT- --fps 60.000 --codec h265 --profile main --level auto --tier high --sar 1:1 --lookahead 20 --output-depth 8 --multipass "2pass-full" --vbr 1500 --max-bitrate 800000 --gop-len 600 --ref 7 --multiref-l0 7 --multiref-l1 7 --nonrefp --weightp --bframes 5 --bref-mode each --mv-precision Q-pel --preset quality --colorrange limited --colormatrix bt709 --vpp-resize spline64 --output-res 1280x720 --vpp-gauss disabled --trim 0:13063 --cuda-schedule sync --output "J:\Temp\Hybrid\Temp\How to use Joysticks with AntiMicro Setup Tutorial.8.265"
Which does suggest 2 pass. The job list shows only 1 pass like it has always done. Below is everything in the job list for an added job and there is no 2nd pass despite the command line suggesting there should be a 2nd pass.
01_audio  WAITING extracting audio as aac using ffmpeg
02_audio  WAITING encoding audio to aac using fdkaac
03_video  WAITING variable bitrate encoding - 1pass (NVEnc - MPEG-4 HEVC)
04_create WAITING generating tagging infos
05_muxing WAITING creating mkv/webm file with mkvmerge
06_rename WAITING renaming 2023-10-08@09_22_51_9710__04.mkv to How to use Joysticks with AntiMicro Setup Tutorial.8.mkv
 It never gets remotely close to the specified bitrate, it's less than half the bitrate, 670 kbits/s instead of being close to 1500 kbits/s.

I would expect a 2nd pass to get much closer to the specified bitrate but it never does the 2nd pass.

Does this output look how it is supposed to work or should there be two passes shown in the job list?
Okay, you got the wrong idea about 2pass encoding in regard to NVEnc. Smile
a. NVEnc does no 2pass like x264&co which optimized to hit a specific bit rate. (running 1 pass to analyse, running a second pass to hit a specific bitrate)
b. what multi pass for hardware encoders do is they recompress the source image once and then another time while trying to optimize the compression.
Quote:In 2-pass rate control modes, NVENC estimates the complexity of the frame to be encoded and determines bit distribution across the frame in the first pass. In the second pass, NVENC encodes macroblocks in the frame using the distribution determined in the first pass. 2-pass rate control modes can distribute the bits more optimally within the frame and can reach closer to the target bitrate, especially for CBR encoding.
but .. this is a 1pass process, the encoder is not reading the source multiple times. It is something completely different than 2-pass encoding with x264&co.

To lessen the confusion about this, I separated this into two options. (forgot to adjust the 'encoding mode' tool-tip)

Cu Selur

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