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how to enable sourcematch and/or lossless
Hello.  I notice a lossless option in vapoursynth->denoise->qtgmc but have no idea how to enable it.  Perhaps sourcematch=1, 2, or 3 but I don't know how to set the sourcematch value.

Please advise.  thanks
Ahh,... that's a bug. It should normally be available if you use an 'Input type' that is > 1.
-> will fix.

Cu Selur
Assuming you are on Windows, I send you a link to a dev version via pm, which should fix the problem.
(link will be valid for ~24hrs)

Cu Selur
Thank you.  Another one for you.....I have a number of very large AVI files which I have created with old Hi8 tapes and/or MiniDV.  I am in the process of converting many of them to mov or mp4 using Hybrid.  However, with the largest files (some are over 10GB), I would like to cut it into smaller chunks where there are scene changes and save the resulting AVIs as original backups.  I have found a way to do this using passthrough, but the resulting AVI files always show as being progressive when the originals are interlaced.  Further, when I take the smaller, cut AVI and go to convert it to mov or mp4 using various filters and deinterlacing at that point, I always get a crash error.  

Any help would be appreciated.  thanks
no proper details, no way to reproduce the problem -> read sticky

Cu Selur

Ps.: better use VirtualDub2 or AviDemux for cutting avi files.
(03.11.2023, 17:37)gheppell Wrote:   I would like to cut it into smaller chunks where there are scene changes and save the resulting AVIs as original backups.  

AviDemux is EXCELLENT for doing just that (passthrough / no recode) , to cut segment chunks out of large mediafile.
That or Toolnix, Remux → cut based per time stamps ..

Works everytime with just about ANY and (important) i DO WANT TO emphasize just about ANY A/V format that you throw at it .. 
Regardless of wheiter or not you have installed the proper codec for it..
Atleast i haven't had any issues so far.


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