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does the current version support Pytorch?
wondering if the current version supports Pytorch?

also wondering what i can add to hybrid to expand its options and to use AI models. i am not worried how big hybrid becomes, especially with the ai models as they are usually huge so it doesn't bother me if it becomes 300GB, i am just interested in getting the best results and having the most possible options to work with.

also i am currently using a GTX 1050 Ti so cannot utilize RTX/TensorRT tools, usually my goals are increasing quality, compressing files, getting the best results at the lowest bit rates and just playing around with the software in general to see what all it can do.

i am hoping AI models can or will eventually be able to remove artifacts at lower bit rates to achieve better compression as many times at lower bit rates its only some frames that really have issues so its a shame not being able to use the bit rate for the whole file it would be so easy for an ai to fix those issues or maybe compare the original and restore loss on bad frames. possibly even just to use vmaf to ensure quality doesn't drop below a certain threshold frame by frame while encoding to get the lowest bit rate possible.
Hybrid, with addons, currently supports: using a 1050ti with probably 4GB of VRAM one would have to use tiling if the filters support it and life with really slow encoding, but in theory one can probably use the card. (not totally sure whether everything works, since the addons might require newer driver versions)

Cu Selur

Ps.: Send you a link to my current versions.

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