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[HELP] Recommendations on best configuration for fixing wavy edge
Hello again, Selur!

Could I get your recommendation on the best way to address the edge issues seen in the attached screenshot, using Hybrid (this screenshot is from footage after deinterlacing with QTGMC). It is a problem that is not always present in the video. Sometimes it's there. Other times it's not. Sometimes it's only part of the edge that is wavy.

For whatever solution you offer, I'm interested if it would be safe to apply it to any video, or if it will have destructive effects on video without edge problems. It would be nice if it was "smart enough" to avoid messing with good edges so I could have one process that works for everything, but I know that might not be possible.

I'm still using the recent dev build you were kind enough to make: version 2023.10.27.1
[Image: vlcsnap-2023-11-09-09h16m44s996.png]
Those were normally removed by the overscan of old TV sets. Smile
So my first suggestion would be: Crop Big Grin
You also could also blur them away, by for example use KNLMeansCL with distance 0 and strength 20 together with an inverted rectangle mask, so that only the edges get filtered/blurred. (other denoisers should work too if set to high enough values)

Cu Selur
Overscan! Big Grin  Ah, the good old days.

I'd hate to "lose" some of the video, but it's not like those bad edges are really contributing positively to the viewing experience, so maybe I will just go ahead and crop them all.  I appreciate you sharing that blur example, but my AI upscaling process will just re-sharpen everything that's blurred, so if the edge issue is not gone completely, it'll be exacerbated later on.

It looks like 9 pixels on the right side will do it across a variety of frame examples I checked.  How do I "black bar" the right side without changing the resolution/aspect ratio of the video?

Like this:
[Image: blackbarrightside.png]
Your image link doesn't work here. Sad
"504 Gateway Time-out"
Usually you would crop and letterbox afterwards if you want to remove noise borders and add them back,..

Cu Selur
The message board didn't like the size of the PNG, but I went ahead and made it a JPG.  Do those settings look correct to achieve the effect in my example?

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Yes, that should work.
You are THE BEST!  Thanks for confirming!

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