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Audio Sync Issue - Dev 2023.11.05
I have recently run into a syncing error with my audio I hadn't experienced before with Hybrid. What I am doing is taking my Huffyuv captures from Vdub and using Hybrid to deinterlace them via Avisynth (QTGMC) and encode them into another lossless format such as UT video. The audio and video starts out in sync but ends up being off sync by about 6 seconds by the end of the video. Specifically, the audio is delayed when watching it. The current example I am referring to is 1:53:04 in length. But I also had this happen with several other videos over the weekend as well. I tried the following methods, but I still got the same results:

1.  Enabling "Config->Automation->On Load->Always extract timecodes from input" (and disable "only some")
2.  Updating Tsmuxer. As I thought that might help based on another thread I read, but was informed that fix it is most likely for m2ts/ts containers. Not .avi containers
2b. Around the time of Step 2, but before I learned that Tsmuxer is most likely not the issue given the container type, I also tried enabling Config>Containers>Others>and checking "Use FFmpeg".

Anyway, feel free to ask any questions. I have attached a debug.
Please create a debug output of the analysis of the source, currently your debug output starts with you using cropview.
The debug output does not show any warnings or errors.
  • Config->Internal->Ingore all input timecodes
  • Config->Input->Decoding->CFR output
  • Filtering->Avisynth->Misc->Source->Preder AviSource for avi input (this way the vfw decoder will be used)
side note: I would also recommend switching to 64bit Avisynth (Config->Internals->Avisynth->Avisynth type).

Also check whether this also happens if you use Vapoursynth (I suspect it does).

Cu Selur


with a duration of 5m or longer, when the FPS changes, the sound is always distorted if you choose a bad codec/encoder/filter/container

try other options
(16.11.2023, 06:44)humanoid86 Wrote: , the sound is always distorted 

I respond just and because of that ↑

Does your avi media file has any pgs subtitles ?
Also, is it distorted across the enitre media file lenght? Or only at specific spots ?

If so, you might wanna try to play the avi without subs, and check if the audio distortion is still present..

Have had a similar issue creating bluray structure, and i have solve it but.. can't remember how anymore ..
I do still know it wos an tideous problem to solve , THAT I DO REMEMBER !!

The problem wos also, distorted audio + A/V sync problems .. but only after adding content to the container !

It’s very difficult for me to explain in a foreign language =) I’m Yakut/Asian - the audio track does not change, but the video track changes because of the frames on it. and the longer the video duration, the more difficult it is if the recording is bad - progressive and not interlaced.... Big Grin Huh
@humanoid86 & @ToiletDuck: Please do not start to discuss stuff that has nothing to do with problem of PizzaTime in this thread.

Cu Selur
(16.11.2023, 14:49)Selur Wrote: @humanoid86 & @ToiletDuck: Please do not start to discuss stuff that has nothing to do with problem of PizzaTime in this thread.

Cu Selur

that's the question iam asking.  And iam the last person who wants to hijack an thread.
My suggestion & question at the same time could be very well related, pizza didn't mentioned anything about subtitles .

Distorted Audio has been a thing for me in the past, hence my genuine question towards pizza Dodgy .
But ok, ill pm him, so nobody can reap the benefits of reading forums..
That did the trick! Thank you kindly, Selur!  Smile

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