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[HELP] upscale
Hello. As I saw on the internet, it is possible to upscale with avisynth, but I cannot use avisynth with avspmod. so I downloaded this software, but no matter which model I tried from the resize tab, none of them upscaled. I saw the results of models such as point, HDcube3, NNEDI3, NMKD-YanderePixelart4 on the internet, but I cannot do it.
Can you guys help me?
(I am completely new to this)
a. please rename your thread title or I will delete this thread. (all uppercase <> screaming)
b. Hybrid is not meant for newbies, but for advanced users, so this might not be the right tool for you.
Hybrid does not support ai filtering like using HDcube3 or NMKD-YanderePixelart4 models through Avisynth.
Hybrid does support using these models through Vapoursynth if special (currently non-public) addons are added:
  • if they are in onnx format through vs-mlrt and (this requires the vs-mlrt addon)
  • if they are in .pth format Hybrid supports them (this requires the torch-addon which only works with an NVIDIA card)
There is no 'how-to for Hybrid', since nobody with the know-how has time and motivation for it.
First you should try to figure out how Hybrid works.
If you are comfortable using Hybrid I can send you a link to the addons.

Cu Selur
this software seems to be simplified compared to avisynth and the terms I've seen are not unfamiliar at all. i don't know if it's right to use the name of another software but i'm familiar with what you're saying because i use chainner

I will try to learn this software intuitively (I don't know how far I can go, but I am enthusiastic) I would appreciate it if you could send me the links.
I'm packaging some stuff atm., but I'll send you a pm with some temporary links once I packaged and uploaded everything. (Probably in ~30min)

Cu Selur

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