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[BUG] Batch encode crash
Quote: the file S01E01A without subtitles generates a file with subtitles, S01E01B's first sub still merged into S01E01A,
That is strange looking at the filtered queues in the debug output the 'filtered subtitle queue' is empty for S01E01A.
and looking at the muxing subjob:
2023-12-27@00_48_23_5010_08_muxing :*: 0 :*: 137.037 :*: WAITING :*: mkvmerge --ui-language en -o "D:\new\2023-12-27@00_48_23_5010__07.mkv" --global-tags "D:\Hybrid\mkvtags_2023-12-27@00_48_23_5010__07.xml" -d 0 --default-track 0:yes --language 0:en --default-duration "0:30000/1001fps" --aspect-ratio-factor 0:1/1 --fourcc 0:MP4V --no-chapters --compression -1:none --forced-track 0:yes --field-order 0:0 --no-audio --no-subtitles "D:\Hybrid\2023-12-27@00_48_23_5010_05.264" --track-name 0:"立体声" --language 0:zh --default-track 0:yes --sync 0:-41 --forced-track 0:no -a 0 --compression -1:none --no-video --no-subtitles --no-chapters "D:\Hybrid\iId_11_aid_0_lang_zh_DELAY_-41ms_2023-12-27@00_48_23_5010_02.aac" --track-order 0:1,1:2 :*: D:\Hybrid :*: D:\new :*: D:\new\Cai Zhizhong Cartoon Series S01E01A.mkv :*:  :*:  :*:  :*:  :*: C:\czz\Cai Zhizhong Cartoon Series S01E01A.mkv
there are no subtitles for muxing.

The executed muxing call:
"D:\Program Files\Hybrid\64bit\mkvmerge.exe" --ui-language en -o "D:\new\2023-12-27@00_48_23_5010__07.mkv" --global-tags "D:\Hybrid\mkvtags_2023-12-27@00_48_23_5010__07.xml" -d 0 --default-track 0:yes --language 0:en --default-duration "0:30000/1001fps" --aspect-ratio-factor 0:1/1 --fourcc 0:MP4V --no-chapters --compression -1:none --forced-track 0:yes --field-order 0:0 --no-audio --no-subtitles "D:\Hybrid\2023-12-27@00_48_23_5010_05.264" --track-name 0:"立体声" --language 0:zh --default-track 0:yes --sync 0:-41 --forced-track 0:no -a 0 --compression -1:none --no-video --no-subtitles --no-chapters "D:\Hybrid\iId_11_aid_0_lang_zh_DELAY_-41ms_2023-12-27@00_48_23_5010_02.aac" --track-order 0:1,1:2
also has no subtitles in it and the mkvmerge output:
'D:\Hybrid\2023-12-27@00_48_23_5010_05.264': Using the demultiplexer for the format 'AVC/H.264'.
'D:\Hybrid\iId_11_aid_0_lang_zh_DELAY_-41ms_2023-12-27@00_48_23_5010_02.aac': Using the demultiplexer for the format 'QuickTime/MP4'.
'D:\Hybrid\2023-12-27@00_48_23_5010_05.264' track 0: Using the output module for the format 'AVC/H.264 (unframed)'.
'D:\Hybrid\iId_11_aid_0_lang_zh_DELAY_-41ms_2023-12-27@00_48_23_5010_02.aac' track 0: Using the output module for the format 'AAC'.
The file 'D:\new\2023-12-27@00_48_23_5010__07.mkv' has been opened for writing.
does not mention subtitles either.
=> Are you sure it's not just the player you are using that's getting the subtitles from somewhere else?

Cu Selur
the mediainfo show the sub is in the  file S01E01A
You can reproduce  it by following my screenshots.
Point is at mkvmerge didn't add subtitles to the file, so there should be one.
Also, using the settings from the screenshots, my S01E01A got no subtitles in it. (looked at the file with mediainfo and used MPC-HC)
Did you try to move the S01E01A to another folder to be sure your players do not accidentally list subtitles that are in the same folder?
(Hybrid will delete the subtitles if 'Subtitle->Import->Delete subtitle after muxing' is enabled.)

Please try, again and make sure to:
a. clear your temp folder
b. clear your output folder

Cu Selur

Ps.: Also try whether you can reproduce the problem with the sample files you shared with me.
It works.
What's your suggest about enable or disable: 'Config->Paths->Create sub-folder per job in temp path. *experimental*'
Should I enable?
Quote:Should I enable?
You can enable it and be a tester. Big Grin
If you run into problems with it, and I'll look into it. Smile

Cu Selur

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