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Large File seemingly never loads...
I'm loading a large .mov file that I imported from an old MiniDv tape... 9gb+... it doesn't crash Hybrid, but it just never gets past "Grabbing audio ids for..."

I've transferred several of these old miniDv files, and smaller files seem to load jusy fine, andf then I'm able to deinterlace them.  However I'm having this same issue with at least 2 different files that are over 9gb.

Anyone ever seen this before?  Screenshot attached showing where Hybrid seemingly freezes(but doesn't crash)

Thank you


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Seems like mplayer has some issues with the file on MacOS. (judging from the screenshot)
There is probably nothing you can do about it. (aside from maybe remuxing the file to mkv before processing, that might help,.. *guessing*)

Cu Selur
Selur... I've been lurking on this site for a while, and your attentiveness to helping people with issues never ceases to amaze me.  So thank you.

FYI...I'm using Hybrid on a Macbook Pro M1.... right before you answered, I had just finished installing Hybrid on my virtual Windows 11 through VMWARE Fusion, and I just loaded the same file and it did actually load it, but it gave me some error warnings regarding audio analysis & video analysis, and i wonder if they might help you more on this issue.  I've attached them.

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If you can share:
a. debug output (read sticky)
b. a small sample which allows reproducing the problem
I can look into it after work today and see whether I can come up with a workaround.

Cu Selur
Thanks Selur.  Its 2am here in Nashville, so I'm heading to bed... no rush on this, plus I haven't come across any small files that do this yet.

Over the next couple of days let me try and mess around w remuxing, and i'll also test more of these smaller miniDv transfers and see if I find the issue in a smaller file i can send you.

Thank you again kind sir,

If you can't reproduce the problem with a smaller file that you can share, create a debug output of the problem. (read the sticky)
Maybe I can see something in the debug output log.

Cu Selur
FYI Selur... I finally got around to taking your suggestion regarding remuxing.  I basically did a simple pass through in Compressor and kicked out a new file, which easily loaded into Hybrid.

thank you so much.
"Grabbing audio ids for..."

this was happening also to me last week... but also ffmpeg and loselesscut are crashing opening the file.. (a 50gb from a pal vcr .. 2 hours of footage)
i was thinking this was a bad file from OBS
VLC are able to play the file, but moving the cursor on any other position stops playing and VLC freezes. (BTW today i will take the VHS again to create a new one)
P.S. usually i'm working on any file (from 18gb to 60gb) without issues
Didn't know OBS captures to mov.

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