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load hybrid .vpy script to vdub2

what would be the easiest way to load temporary hybrid vapoursynth scripts from 'AppData\Local\Temp'  to vdub2 for further processing?
i mean it's easy enough to copy/paste script elsewhere, but what about dependencies? both plugins and system wide dependencies. 
as it seems vdub2 won't load .vpy if python/vapoursynth are not "properly" installed.

Wild guess, since I haven't used VD for 10+ years:
Copying VD into the Hybrid 64bit/Vapoursynth folder and starting it from there might work.

Cu Selur
heh, had the same idea (maybe old avs warriors have simillar ideas...back in the day i collaborated here Analogue Capture Guide v4 - Doom9's Forum . seems doom9 site is no more) but nope...still  "AVI import filter error (unknown) (80040154)".
seems the only path is with fully installed vapour, something along these lines:
(installing python and vapour)

need vdub deshaker filter ( Deshaker - video stabilizer ( ), i now see some work has been done on porting/hacking it into avs, but this seems simpler.... 

oh yeah, thanks for making hybrid, it ameliorates "version hell" to great extent....

edit/ yeap, full installation of python and vapoursynth solved the issue...

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Copy the script and its dependencies to a permanent location and check python and vapoursynth are correctly installed. Open VDub2 and go to File after that open video file and select your script and proceed.
As a side note: if you install a system-wide Vapoursynth version, it might mess with Hybrids install since Vapoursynth has no option to disable autoloading. So whatever you autoload in the system-wide install will also be loaded in the Vapoursynth version Hybrid uses.
Also make sure you use the same Vapoursynth version Hybrid uses, otherwise things will likely go bad too.

Cu Selur
had another loading issue, but traced that back to forward/backwards slash in filename....

ie i was copying path on windows, or in total commander back to .vpy script which didn't open....peculiar thing is that comments section uses windows convention, while vapour seems to use linux format ie forward slash in filename

but i have another issue which hardly has anything to do with any of this....time for new thread.

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In python, you can use:
r"PATH to file with backslashes"
"PATH to file with doubled backslashes"
"PATH to file with slashes"
see: and

Hybrid always converts backslashes to slashes since Windows (like all other OSs) does support using slashes in file paths. Wink
(in the comments Hybrid uses whatever is native to the OS)

Cu Selur

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