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[BUG] FillDrops with RIFE
Greetings Selur, I've updated my 1080ti to a more modern 4070ti super.  The preview on Filldrops Rife 4.16 (or lower) doesn't show and when processing the video it crashes.  This is the error I get in the little preview box:

Vapoursynth preview error: ERROR:            vkBindBufferMemory: Invalid device [VUID-vkBindBufferMemory-device-parameter]

Attached is the debug file
Not at a PC atm., but ...
Sounds Like a Driver issue.
Are you using the latest torch-addon and drivers?
Cu Selur
DebugLog doesn't contain the Preview, so can't really say more, but usually this happens due to driver issues.

Cu Selur
forgot about that, here is the debug of the preview. Yes, I'm on the latest Drivers and torch-addon
It's a bug in VapourSynth-RIFE-ncnn-Vulkan (totally forgot about adding a workaround)
I'll adjusted Hybrid to use an older RIFE version (librife_r9_mod_v6) as a workaround.
Send you a link to my current dev version for testing via pm. (problem with this workaround is that you can't use it in combination with a newer RIFE in the script, otherwise you'll get namespace collisions)

Cu Selur
I'm having trouble launching this Testing version of Hybrid.  I did a clean install.
I do have the misc.ini in the main directory
But it still doesn't launch.  
If I reinstall the latest one, it opens fine.
If I install Testing Hybrid above it, doesn't launch either  :(
does it show any error?
You will need to uninstall the old version before installing the dev verison.
I recorded it and paused to capture all the steps.  Upon launching, the Hybrid Icon shows up it says underneath "connecting model handler" then "path: C\Users\Yoyo-Desktop\AppData..."  then "initializing tabs" then icon disappear.

Okay, I'll uninstall everything and try again
Okay, I managed to reproduce the crash.
-> looking into it
Found the problem.
Send you a new link.
(going to bed now)

Cu Selur

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