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Troubleshooting crash under Wine

Last year, I successfully used Hybrid under CrossOver (Wine) on macOS and it worked phenomenally, faster than even my native Windows laptop. I tried the latest version of Hybrid and CrossOver today, but Hybrid seems to crash at the very start, before it even shows any output. Is there any way I can troubleshoot this? I was hoping there was some misc.ini config to enable verbose logs like in Linux, but couldn't seem to find that. Running Hybrid under Wine is arguably the best way to use it on a Mac.

Thanks a lot!
Missing runtime, maybe?
Depending on your settings starting Hybrid with '--debug' might create a HybridDebugOutput.txt.
If you used an older version before, deleting the settings folder might help.
Unfortunately --debug doesn't generate a file. I have created a clean bottle, no settings present. I wonder if this is a Qt6 issue, iirc it was upgraded sometime in 2023? Do you happen to have a build from 2022 that I could test, just so I can isolate the issue? Hybrid test build from 25.07.2022 definitely worked. Thanks!

EDIT: I just found that exact test build on my disk, I will test it and let you know in a second.
"25.07.2022" => you definitely should make sure to delete any old settings.
You can get links to older versions over at:
It's the switch to Qt 6, then it's probably some missing dll or similar in the Wine setup.

Cu Selur
Here's some results:
- <= 25.07.2022 work flawlessly
- >= 2022.11.28.1 GUI works, but processing crashes immediately with:

starting 2024-01-22@19_54_15_4510_03_video@20:02:29.477 - Y:\2014-01-03 13.14.16-
"Z:\Hybrid_2022.11.28.1_SETUP\Hybrid\64bit\ffmpeg.exe" -y -noautorotate -nostdin -threads 8 -f yuv4mpegpipe -i - -an -sn -vf scale=in_range=tv:out_range=tv -vsync 0 -vcodec utvideo -pred left -slices 0 -pix_fmt yuv420p -colorspace bt709 -metadata encoding_tool="Hybrid 2023.01.22.1" "C:\users\crossover\Temp\2014-01-03 13.14.16-"
Helper(1) finished with exitCode: -1073741819 and exitStatus: 1

- >= 2023.12.02.1 crashes immediately on start, no logs or GUI

I think the GUI issue is due to Qt 6.6.1 update, there is a new Wine 9.0 release that may fix it, but have to wait for new CrossOver release.

However the processing crash I'm really not sure about. Any thoughts?

Need a debug output to see what's happening.
Normal log, is just for user amusement.

Cu Selur
Good news, just tested Hybrid 2024.06.16.1 with CrossOver 24.0.3 (Wine 9.0) and everything works flawlessly again! M3 MacBook Pro is flyyyying
(28.06.2024, 00:38)potejan Wrote: Good news, just tested Hybrid 2024.06.16.1 with CrossOver 24.0.3 (Wine 9.0) and everything works flawlessly again! M3 MacBook Pro is flyyyying

What a great idea to use Crossover! I'm trying it now and I got past the installation but when I try to launch it it says "Closing Hybrid, since it's running with administrator rights!"

Have you encountered this error before?
"Closing Hybrid, since it's running with administrator rights!" <- has been answered tons of time before, use the forum search

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