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[HELP] Deinterlacing not working for me
Hello, just downloaded this, so I don't really know what I'm doing, fair warning. 

Windows x64
V. 2024.01.12.1
No error messages

Basically I just followed this guy's forum post from a while ago to try to deinterlace my footage:

This is my original footage:

These are the settings I used:

This is the output:

As you can see it's pretty damned interlaced if I'm not mistaken:

Also, I can only launch 1 job per run. I have to shut the whole program down if I want to try another, otherwise it just gets stuck at 10% in the jobs list. Not sure why that is.

Thanks for any help! Much appreciated.
Not near a PC, but from the screenshot I see that the source is flagged as progressive, so Hybrid will not deinterlace unless you overwrite the scan type to the correct value. (Propably top field first)

Will look at it tomorrow evening when I'm back home.
Cu Selur
Can't download the file, but judging by the screenshots I was right, the source isn't flagged as interlaced, thus Hybrid needs to be told that it is.

If you mean this, I tried telecine and then top first and it did not work.

Here is a direct download link to the original file if you want to take a look.
You source isn't interlaced.
That file was created from an interlaced source and saved as progressive while resizing and not deinterlacing. Sad
(this is why normal deinterlacing will not work)
If you captured this, I would recommend to re-capture it properly.
Also there are tons of ghosting since the original frame rate wasn't 59.94 fps.
If the linked file is your source your best bet would be to:
a. try to downscale to the original source resolution (yes this will destroy details)
b. deinterlace (this will destroy details and turn the combing artifacts into ghosting)
(at this point you got a progressive source without the combing artifacts)
c. try reducing the frame rate and count by dropping frames aiming for the original frame rate
d. then start denoising&co
=> if you have a source some re-encoding generations before this progressive 1920x1080 HEVC encode your chances to get a better output would be higher.

Cu Selur

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