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Jobs go over 100% indefinitely
Quote: While TITVC did work, it reduced the frame rate from 29.97 to 23.97, which I do not want, as parts of the video are true 30fps such as the intro and moving background animations at 19:35.
Then overwrite the scan type to TFF, this way Hybrid will treat the source as interlaced and deinterlace to same rate.

125% seems to be 'correct' since the source has more frames than mediainfo reports:
Frame count                              : 32685
but opening the source in Vapoursynth/Avisynth I get 40612 frames, which naturally screws all progress indication and file size calculations. Sad

No clue what MakeMKV did to this file, extractin the time codes, there should be one per frame (even if the source was vfr) I get 32687 time codes, thus there should be no more frames than this.

Seems like either MediaInfo changed the was it reports the frame count or makemkv changed the way it writes the headers.
I'm away from my pc for today, but may be I can figure something out tomorrow.

About deinterlacing, another thing you can try is keeping keeping the scan type as telecine or tff, apply TFM and move it above the deinterlacer in the FilterOrder.

Cu Selur

=> Frame count problem, seem to be an issue with the source filters. Using FFMS2 or BestSource as source filter seems to work with the frame count, using DGDecNV or LWLibAVSource returns 40k instead or 32k frames.

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