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RIFE Non-Integer Values
Hi again!

Is it possible to enter non-integer values into RIFE? I have managed it with other softwares but Hybrid seems to lock me out of using the '.'. I am attempting to have my footage interpolated to the TV standard 23.976. I can force it in the 'MISC' tab but this causes a conflict with RIFE and fails the render.

Thanks for all your help

JamesPlease, read the 'Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,..'-sticky before you post about a problem.

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Sure, instead of 23.976 you should use 24000 / 1001. This is where that number comes from. (29.97 = 30000 / 1001)
(using Filtering->Misc->Overwrite will not influence RIFE)

Cu Selur
ahh of course, I didn't understand how that worked, thanks for explaining.

At the moment, if I don't overwrite the frame rate with the 'Overwrite Output' settings under 'MISC', the script fails. Is that expected behaviour? The Current Frame Rate box at the bottom does not change with RIFE enabled too


Not that would be a bug.
RIFE schould change the frame rate.
Just tested, here it works fine.
(loaded a 25fps source, enabled RIFE and changed the frame rate to 40/1 and the output frame rate changed to 40fps)
LOL, looking at the screenshot, you are using a 25fps source and you want to go to 23.976 => RIFE is for adding frames not removing. Smile
Since the frame rate RIFE is fed with is below the current frame rate there is nothing for RIFE to do so the output frame rate won't change. Smile

Cu Selur
Hi Selur,

We've actually been using RIFE in other packages to reduce frames and it is also very good at interpolating in that way. It may seem odd to you but we use it for standards conversion between common broadcast frame rates. If you play a 30fps video and a standards converted 25 in a 25fps Resolve project, you will see that the 30 FPS skips frames and the RIFE version creates new frames to smooth the motion.

I'm guessing the frame rate counter has to be manually forced because we are using the interpolation filter in a non-intended way. But if it could operate without forcing the frame rate to match, that would be ideal


Send you a link to a dev version for testing, which should allow lowering the frame rate with rife without having to overwrite the frame rate.

Cu Selur
Hi Selur,

That's very generous of you, I'll give it a try and let you know if I experience any issues

Thanks again


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