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X264 settings !
(08.03.2024, 18:10)Selur Wrote:
Quote:But then again, wouldn't the lower internal resolution (set auto) not decrement the video quality in the end (sharpnes, details / bits /per pixel ) , how lil that may be ?
No, if you would stretch your video you mess up the actual PAR and are not Blu-Ray compliant. (+ distord the image)
As a side note: Hybrid does show the 'Output resolution' ....

Cu Selur

Isn't it so , when you stretch the actuall video image footage whitin limits (no overstretch) and the output (DAR) = 1080p the content will automatically meet Blu-ray compliance?
I've done many cropping/resize of media content with satisfying results so far on a few HW players.

But i need to ask, what does a "distorted image" look to you iam curious ? 
Example ? 

Also on a side note, and iam realy curious if you remotely come close to the answer i already know because i have solved this rather old problem that i and many ppl seems to have..


Do you have any idea why the video playback is choppy (occasionally , not alway's !?) on the 2nd sceen (wich is a Flat TV screen) but not on the primary pc monitor?

The content is a bluray structured folder that is loaded from a storage disk using powerdvd 23 Ultra.

Hint: it's not the mismatching displayed framerates (wich is usually the main cause 50hz/60Hz/120hz (true motion aside) vs 25hz/24p video content), nor any driver or any device issue, not Powerdvd itself (for once) , and no not the video content itself ..
And no, it's not Hybrids doings .. LoL..

But rather a windows / → gpu setting ← ..  Cool

Now, it plays butter silk smooth from start to finish and while True motion is set to high on my tele :p

You'll NEVER GUESS, ORRrr even find that specific answer to the problem on the world wide web  Tongue ..


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