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[HELP] Beta SP PAL upscale problem
I seem to be getting this stange combing effect when upscaling to 29.97i - any suggestions?

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From an image, I can't say where this comes from, whether these lines are static or moving,....
Just from the image I would say this is caused by some interference during the captue and already in the source.
So either you fix the capture process or try to filter this way. (would need a sample for suggestions)

Cu Selur
The original file is an AVI capture - how do I export a short sample?
You could use AviDemux, VirtualDub,... whatever tool you like to cutout a portion of the file.
see for example:
Audio&Video should be set to 'copy'

Cu Selur
It doesn't look as obvious in VLC.
That is a funny source. Big Grin
When treating it as 'progressive' one clearly sees the lines.
If you treat it as interlaced and throw away half of the frames, you get one b&w and one colored frame.
This is confirmed if you separate the fields, you see that one field has color the other not.
So my guess it's either the source itself or some compatibility with the DV codec used for this.
If you also got a 64bit vfw version of the dv codec, that was used to capture this, installed on you system, try what happens if you enable "Filtering->Vapoursynth->Misc->Source->Prefer AviSource for .avi input".

Cu Selur
I didn't capture the tape (sadly). I can see some other faults on the capture, some of it seems to be in black and white. How can I find out if I have the 64bit vfw codec installed, and if it is not installed, where can I get it? Smile

I guess I don't have the 64bit vfw codec installed, I selected "prever avi input" but the preview does not load.
If you don't know, you probably don't have it installed.
If you enable "Filtering->Vapoursynth->Misc->Source->Prefer AviSource for .avi input", Hybrid will check if there is a 64bit vfw decoder installed for DV and try that one. If Hybrid doesn't find a 64bit vfw decoder registered for DV it will fall back to the normal decoders.

Looking at the file with mediainfo I see:
Commercial name                          : DV
Internet media type                      : video/DV
Codec ID                                 : dvsd
Codec ID/Hint                            : Sony
Duration                                 : 5480
so my guess is that this was created with which was only available for 32bit.

Side question: if you overwrite the scan type to progressive and look at a scene with horizontal motion in it, do you see combing artifacts. By looking at the sample you shared (with basically no motion) I can't tell whether the source really is interlaced. Smile

Cu Selur

Ps.: tried using cedocida dv codec 0.2.3 as alternative, but it behaves the same way as the sourcefilters in Hybrid.
PPs.: I would recommend asking the folks over at whether someone can recommend a 64bit vfw codec for such a file.
PPPs.: as an ugly workaround you could disable Bob and selecting the 'Odd' fields, this would basically drop the b&w fields and interpolate the color fields to full frames. (DPIRDeblock+NNEDI3+CAS+DetailSharpen:
Another option: assuming there are no combing artifacts, overwrite scantype to 'progressive' and use SSIQ with Strenght=300 and Diameter=11.
It's definitely interlaced, bottom field first. I managed to re-export it to ProRes on an ancient Mac with the correct codec, it seems to look much better already, and is currently upscaling in Hybrid.

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