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Request for Hybrid
hi selur, I have a small request for you, would it be possible for you to add in hybrid the possibility of using a json list for frame detection? to explain the system a little, it is a list in .json format which indicates the scene detection to be carried out on the model, it is the same principle as the scene detection except that the json list is carried out manually with a software called TransitionChooser. Here is a video which explains the concept a little if you have any other questions I remain at your disposal. (to show you the interest of this, it just allows a person to carry out their own scene detection or to use already created ones like with this site: )

I put you an example of a list in Google Drive:, read the 'Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,..'-sticky before you post about a problem.
I do not get the purpose of this.
You want support for some json with scene change information for 'frame detection'?
What is 'frame detection' ? What should Hybrid use it for?

Cu Selur
I mean scene detection, this allows interpolation to avoid having an automatic scene detection, and to have one manually
Ahh,... 'scene detection' and 'interpolation, now we are getting somewhere.
You to want to use the scene detection info from such a json to indicate (probably RIFE) instead of using the scene detection Hybrid supports atm. ?
I assume you did enable 'Scene change' and adjust the threshold according to your source, right?
Or is this about not having to manually adjust the 'scene change' and instead use some already existing list?

What one would need to do is, write a script in Python/Vapoursynth which: should be doable, but to be frank it seems like a waste of time unless you can show an example where one can't easily adjust the scene change threshold instead of having to download a file (hope that its okay and relyable) and then feed that file to Hybrid in the RIFE configuration.
To me manual scene change detection, seems like a waste of time in general,...

Cu Selur
'Or is this about not having to manually adjust the 'scene change' and instead use some already existing list?' Yes, that's it. It would simply be a matter of disabling automatic scene detection and loading the json file into Hybrid. Scene detection with a json file can be entirely manual or not; some use third-party software scene detection like SVP and Flowframes and simply edit it to limit over-detection and potential scene detection errors. This system is available in SVFI or tceditor by Elexor (names that may not mean much to you, but just to say that it has already been done and could benefit Hybrid). In my opinion, it's not very complicated (at least for you) because you've already added automatic scene detection. I won't force you to do it if you don't see the point, but...

I think I'll ask the developer of SVFI or Elexor how they did this could probably help you.
It's mainly a question of wheter this is really something users gain something from.
Looking at there aren't really that many lists (25) there, so it doesn't really seem to be much of value.

If more users request it, I can write some code to parse these .json files and adjust the '_SceneChangeNext' frame properties, but atm. it does not really seem like something really useful.

Cu Selur

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