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[HELP] VSGAN model use

I would like to use this model in Hybrid:

But when I load it, I get an error:

Failed to evaluate the script:
Python exception: max expected at least 1 argument, got 0

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "src\cython\vapoursynth.pyx", line 3115, in vapoursynth._vpy_evaluate
File "src\cython\vapoursynth.pyx", line 3116, in vapoursynth._vpy_evaluate
File "C:\Users\DSIOMNAINC\AppData\Local\Temp\tempPreviewVapoursynthFile06_12_56_617.vpy", line 44, in
File "C:\Program Files\Hybrid\64bit\Vapoursynth\Lib\site-packages\vsgan\networks\", line 46, in load
model = arch(state)
File "C:\Program Files\Hybrid\64bit\Vapoursynth\Lib\site-packages\vsgan\archs\", line 72, in __init__
self.num_blocks = self.get_num_blocks()
File "C:\Program Files\Hybrid\64bit\Vapoursynth\Lib\site-packages\vsgan\archs\", line 228, in get_num_blocks
return max(*nbs) + 1
TypeError: max expected at least 1 argument, got 0

I have to use this model in ChaiNNeR, but it’s more convenient for me to use Hybrid. 
Is it possible to use this model in Hybrid and if so, what needs to be done for this? 
Thanks in advance and sorry if a similar question has already been asked.
Quote:2x omnisr version of the 2xHFA2kCompact model.
Since VSGAN does not support OMNISR models so to support this file you could ask the vsgan author to support OmniSR models.
If there isn't a Vapoursynth plugins which allows to use the models Hybrid can't use them.

That said, since compact models are supported I tried the model from and it does work fine here.

Cu Selur

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