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[HELP] VIVTC (Fix Combed with deinterlacer) problem
Good afternoon. When I check the "Fix Combed with deinterlacer" checkbox inside VIVTC, the following error pops up. 
Regardless of the selected deinterlacer. 
Tell me what could be the problem.

[Image: vh07q3CZqcg.jpg?size=2560x959&quality=96...type=album]
Probably a typo, will look into it and report back.

Cu Selur
It was a bug introduced during some refactoring a while ago.
Send you a link to a dev version via pm in which the problem should be fixed.
-> test it and let me know whether that fixes the problem for you.

Cu Selur
Thank you, now the error does not appear. 
But I ran into another problem.
If you select QTGMC in this option, random frames from another part of the video begin to jump out in different parts of the video.
Perhaps this is the case in my video, I am attaching a video sample.
Looking at the source, first thing I would recommend is:
  • enable "Config->Internals->Handling->Ignore all input timecodes" (reload source)
  • set "Crop/Resize->Base->Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR)" to 3x2
Starting from there that source has no combing artifacts, just tons of blends.
Using 'Fix combed with deinterlacer' does not make sense as there is no combing in the source.
If you are planning on using VIVTC or TIVTC, you should enable "Filtering->(De-)Interlace/Telecine->Deinterlace/Telecine Settings->Overwrite input scan type to" and set it to 'telecine'.
Personally I would set able "Filtering->(De-)Interlace/Telecine->Deinterlace/Telecine Settings->Overwrite input scan type to" and set it to 'progressive', try to figure out if there is a pattern to the blends and decimate them if possible.
Problem is, that source is a mix of different progressive content and I doubt that there is a fixed pattern and I doubt sRestore can fix this.
I doubt you can get rid of all the blends using Hybrid.
Wobbly or Exblend might be the right approach.

=> I can reproduce the problem with 'Fix combed with deinterlacer' and will look into it, but like I mentioned, this should not be used on such input.

Cu Selur
It's not a bug, you need to increse the 'Threshold' value in 'Fix comed with deinterlacer' for the clip. Smile
(using i.e. 12 instead of the default 6 does seem to fix the problem here)

Cu Selur
Correction, there are combing artifacs, so overwriting to 'telecine' instead of 'progressive' seem like a good start.

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