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[BUG] Output container Type not recognised with AV1
loaded a video file, set my filters, tried to encode it as av1 in a "webm" container.

- although the file name is correctly set, the program does not realise that it's supposed to be a webm container.
- this does not happen with other codecs.
- same error occurs with all container formats when i try to encode av1.Please, read the 'Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,..'-sticky before you post about a problem.

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Couldn't reproduce when using NVEnc as encoder,.. but I could when using QSVEnc.
I suspect that is what you are using, is that correct? (guessing you are using Windows from the path of your output file)
Assuming my guess is right, I send you a link (via pm) to a dev version which should fix the problem.

Cu Selur
i tried using rav1e (i don't see QSVEnc in the dropdown list of encoders, i have a 3080 rtx gpu, if that helps)

i found svt-av1 in my dropdown list and it has no problems with webm choice, so it's actually limited to using rav1e.

- i tried encoding something with svt-av1... it does accept and start the job, but the output is faulty.
- tried installing your dev build, installer says there are (many) corrupted source files in it.

update2: nvm, i downloaded it again, this time it installed fine)
- now the rav1e @ webm job gets accepted, starts and....
0,2fps @ 5% cpu load... this is evil ^^

-as of this moment i'm trying aomenc (because i reaD
and it runs at about 18fps... much better!

update3: or so i thought ^^ ... it just doesn't update... fps and remaining time do not change :ß
only the job% is going up oh so slowly (despite 40% aeomenc.exe and 50% vspipe.exe usage)

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.rar   encodeattempt.rar (Size: 422 bytes / Downloads: 10)
Quote:only the job% is going up oh so slowly (despite 40% aeomenc.exe and 50% vspipe.exe usage)
if the output of the encoder changed regarding the progress indication, Hybrid would not detect it.
=> proress indication works fine here, you probably need to increase the 'CPU utilization modifier' for example to 5.
Speed of the encoders depends a lot on the settings.
SVT-AV1 encoding works fine here. (tested with default settings)

no debug output -> nothing to look at for me
Did a quick test, for me encoding av1 (in webm container) with:
  • NVEnc
  • QSVEnc
  • aomenc
  • rav1e
  • SVT-AV1
works fine.
aomenc is the slowest with default settings (so enabling some options to increasing multithreading and cpu utilization is recommended).
(Personally, I usually use NVEnc for av1 encoding.)

Cu Selur
i'll pursue this further with some more useful info for you, i just need a bit of spare time

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