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Deinterlace - CompareView - Bug
1. Add .mpg source (DVD)
2. Set Deinterlace to Telecine/TIVTC
3. Mode 3-way match + 4th/5th
4. PP Nothing (don't even look for combed frames)
5. Go to Frame -> Misc -> VFM or TFM (Error message will pop up after enabling any of these)
Huh Assuming your source is properly flagged as telecine, that works fine here.
forgot to mention synth auto refresh needs to be enabled and video preview needs to be open. After words go to frame -> misc and enable ether TFM or VFM error should pop up. error even says create debug
So, what is the error and where is the debug output?

Cu Selur
Okay, I see what happens:
Your source is detected as 'top field first', you set auto deinterlace to TIVTC you enable TFM.
The filter order is:
1. source filter
2. TFM
=> TIVTC will not be applied, since after TFM the source is progressive.
When you now enable "Compare view", the original side will be handled with QTGMC (since it's interlaced input) and on the filtered side TFM will be applied.
Problem is, since the source is not progressive and TIVTC is enabled, Hybrid assumes that TIVTC is applied to the right side. Wink
As a side note: you should tell Hybrid that the source is telecine if it is.

=> Will look into it.

Cu Selur
Think I found the problem. TFM&VFM didn't update the calculation of the output frame rate (like they should have) before generating the script.
=> send you a link to a dev version for testing via pm

Cu Selur

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