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[BUG] x265 encoder crash on .avi file as a source

The x265 encoder crashes when an added job is started when I try to encode .avi file. This might be related to codec used in source .avi file (ZMBV - DOSBox video capture file).
This worked before without issues. I've added some other files to test if x265 crashes, there were no problems. I'm sending debug file via PM and source file link below:

Hybrid version: 2024.06.15.1 (Linux MX 64-bit - Debian based OS)

Hmm,... seems like neither FFVideoSource nor LWLibavSource can decode this, but ffplay can.
(AviSource isn't available on Linux)
ffmpeg -y -loglevel fatal -noautorotate -nostdin -threads 8 -i "C:\Users\Selur\Desktop\wwf4_1201.avi" -map 0:0 -an -sn -color_primaries bt470bg -color_trc smpte170m -colorspace bt470bg -color_range tv  ,format=gbrap -pix_fmt yuv420p10le -strict -1 -vsync 0 -f yuv4mpegpipe - | x265 --input - --fps 35043/500 --output-depth 10 --y4m --profile main10 --ctu 32 --limit-modes --no-early-skip --no-open-gop --opt-ref-list-length-pps --crf 18.00 --opt-qp-pps --cbqpoffs -2 --crqpoffs -2 --limit-refs 0 --ssim-rd --psy-rd 2.50 --rdoq-level 2 --psy-rdoq 10.00 --aq-mode 0 --deblock=-1:-1 --limit-sao --no-repeat-headers --no-mcstf --range limited --colormatrix bt470bg --sar 1:1 --output "J:\tmp\2024-06-23@12_01_22_6310_01.265"
fails with: since there is a bug in the ffmpeg call.
-color_range tv  ,format=gbrap
probably should be:
-color_range tv  -vf scale,format=gbrap
=> I'm looking into it.

Cu Selur
Are you using the 'binary only' or the 'binary with tools' download of Hybrid ? (so I know what sort of dev version I need to compile, once I figured it out)

Cu Selur
I don't know if you keep old e-mials but I've reported very similar issue via e-mail. It's the same e-mail I've send a debug file from, if you don't have it I can forward it if that's helpful.

I'm using binary with tools. PS: the download link on to this version in broken, I've downloaded it from VideoHelp
Found the problem.
Will send you a link via pm once I compiled and packaged a dev version for testing. (~20min)

Cu Selur
Send you a link, let me know whether that fixes the problem for you too.

Cu Selur
Works like a charm Rolleyes  Thanks for premium support Wink
In case you use Vapoursynth, I would another problem in the analysis of Zip format.
(source is wrongly assumed to be YUV444P8)
You can work around it by creating a custom section and enter:
# colorformat RGB24
(this lets Hybrid know that the format is RGB24)

Cu Selur

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