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[INFO] unlinkmkv - automate the tedious process of unlinking segmented MKV files.
Stumbled over UnlinkMKV (​​) a tool to merge linked mkvs into standalone mkvs again.
unlinkmkv {options} {file|path}

--tmpdir Set a custom temporary/working folder, /tmp/umkv is the default
--outdir Output directory, required!
--fixaudio, -fa Encode audio, not currently customizable; encodes to 320k AAC for the time being.
--fixvideo, -fv Encode video, not currently customizable; encodes to 8-bit h264 at whatever the existing average bitrate was up to 110% higher then that.
--fixsubtitles, -fs Defaults to on. Sometimes groups don't use uniform subtitle styles and fonts in all segments, it's a good idea to leave this enabled.
--playresx Occasionally the original encoder uses different subtitle resolutions in the different segments. When combined, it causes problems. This forcibly sets the X resolution for subtitle rendering.
--playresy Same as above, but for the Y axis (vertical).
--ignoredefaultflag Occasionally the default chapter flag exists, but *all* chapters are disabled which confuses the script. Enable on those rare occasions.
--(no-)chapters The script does its best to adjust the chapters, but it's not quite perfect. This disables including chapters in the final file.
--edition Manually specify which edition to keep. Must combine with ignoredefaultflag if non-default edition. Yes, this is pointless otherwise.
--ffmpeg [path] Specify a path to the ffmpeg binary to use.
--mkvext [path] Specify a path to the mkvextract binary to use.
--mkvinfo [path] Specify a path to the mkvinfo binary to use.
--mkvmerge [path] Specify a path to the mkvmerge binary to use.
--fixvideotemplate FFMPEG encoding settings for use with --fixvideo. See Template for description.
--fixaudiotemplate FFMPEG encoding settings for use with --fixaudio. See Template for description.
Don't have any usage for it personally, but I thought this might be interesting to some users.

Cu Selur

Pse.: There is also a Gui for it.

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