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Hi Selur,

Bei mir läßt unter dem Encoder NVEnc FFMPEG (H.264) die spatial Filterstärke nicht einstellen. Die hängt immer bei "8" fest. Und das Setting für die  GOP-Länge taucht nicht auf. Kannst Du das mal bei Dir testen ? Hybrid ist aktuell und neu installiert worden unter W10.

Gruß ggrub
Wenn ich Hybrid lade, NVEnc (FFmpeg)->Base->Adaptive Quantization aktiviere kann ich die aq-strength anpassen und die Command line wird angepasst.
Was gibt 'NVEncC --check-features' bei Dir aus?

Quote:Und das Setting für die GOP-Länge taucht nicht auf.
Wenn Du mir sagst wie ich ffmpeg das für NVEnc sagen muss, kann ich ne option hinzufügen.

Cu Selur
Ist ja nicht zu glauben, gerade mach ich die Kiste an, und nun läßt sich die "spatial Filterstärke" einstellen. Na gut. 

Quote:Wenn Du mir sagst wie ich ffmpeg das für NVEnc sagen muss, kann ich ne option hinzufügen.
GOP, REF und BF lassen sich z.B. mit "-g 24 -refs 3 -bf 3" einstellen (h264).
Bei hevc können nur keine Bframes gesetzt werden.

In meiner Mini-ffmpeg-GUI funktioniert das problemlos.

Nur mal als Info:
Encoder h264_nvenc [NVIDIA NVENC H.264 encoder]:
    General capabilities: delay hardware
    Threading capabilities: none
    Supported pixel formats: yuv420p nv12 p010le yuv444p p016le yuv444p16le bgr0 rgb0 cuda d3d11
h264_nvenc AVOptions:
  -preset            <int>        E..V..... Set the encoding preset (from 0 to 11) (default medium)
     default                      E..V.....
     slow                         E..V..... hq 2 passes
     medium                       E..V..... hq 1 pass
     fast                         E..V..... hp 1 pass
     hp                           E..V.....
     hq                           E..V.....
     bd                           E..V.....
     ll                           E..V..... low latency
     llhq                         E..V..... low latency hq
     llhp                         E..V..... low latency hp
     lossless                     E..V.....
     losslesshp                   E..V.....
  -profile           <int>        E..V..... Set the encoding profile (from 0 to 3) (default main)
     baseline                     E..V.....
     main                         E..V.....
     high                         E..V.....
     high444p                     E..V.....
  -level             <int>        E..V..... Set the encoding level restriction (from 0 to 51) (default auto)
     auto                         E..V.....
     1                            E..V.....
     1.0                          E..V.....
     1b                           E..V.....
     1.0b                         E..V.....
     1.1                          E..V.....
     1.2                          E..V.....
     1.3                          E..V.....
     2                            E..V.....
     2.0                          E..V.....
     2.1                          E..V.....
     2.2                          E..V.....
     3                            E..V.....
     3.0                          E..V.....
     3.1                          E..V.....
     3.2                          E..V.....
     4                            E..V.....
     4.0                          E..V.....
     4.1                          E..V.....
     4.2                          E..V.....
     5                            E..V.....
     5.0                          E..V.....
     5.1                          E..V.....
  -rc                <int>        E..V..... Override the preset rate-control (from -1 to INT_MAX) (default -1)
     constqp                      E..V..... Constant QP mode
     vbr                          E..V..... Variable bitrate mode
     cbr                          E..V..... Constant bitrate mode
     vbr_minqp                    E..V..... Variable bitrate mode with MinQP (deprecated)
     ll_2pass_quality              E..V..... Multi-pass optimized for image quality (deprecated)
     ll_2pass_size                E..V..... Multi-pass optimized for constant frame size (deprecated)
     vbr_2pass                    E..V..... Multi-pass variable bitrate mode (deprecated)
     cbr_ld_hq                    E..V..... Constant bitrate low delay high quality mode
     cbr_hq                       E..V..... Constant bitrate high quality mode
     vbr_hq                       E..V..... Variable bitrate high quality mode
  -rc-lookahead      <int>        E..V..... Number of frames to look ahead for rate-control (from 0 to INT_MAX) (default 0)
  -surfaces          <int>        E..V..... Number of concurrent surfaces (from 0 to 64) (default 0)
  -cbr               <boolean>    E..V..... Use cbr encoding mode (default false)
  -2pass             <boolean>    E..V..... Use 2pass encoding mode (default auto)
  -gpu               <int>        E..V..... Selects which NVENC capable GPU to use. First GPU is 0, second is 1, and so on. (from -2 to INT_MAX) (default any)
     any                          E..V..... Pick the first device available
     list                         E..V..... List the available devices
  -delay             <int>        E..V..... Delay frame output by the given amount of frames (from 0 to INT_MAX) (default INT_MAX)
  -no-scenecut       <boolean>    E..V..... When lookahead is enabled, set this to 1 to disable adaptive I-frame insertion at scene cuts (default false)
  -forced-idr        <boolean>    E..V..... If forcing keyframes, force them as IDR frames. (default false)
  -b_adapt           <boolean>    E..V..... When lookahead is enabled, set this to 0 to disable adaptive B-frame decision (default true)
  -spatial-aq        <boolean>    E..V..... set to 1 to enable Spatial AQ (default false)
  -temporal-aq       <boolean>    E..V..... set to 1 to enable Temporal AQ (default false)
  -zerolatency       <boolean>    E..V..... Set 1 to indicate zero latency operation (no reordering delay) (default false)
  -nonref_p          <boolean>    E..V..... Set this to 1 to enable automatic insertion of non-reference P-frames (default false)
  -strict_gop        <boolean>    E..V..... Set 1 to minimize GOP-to-GOP rate fluctuations (default false)
  -aq-strength       <int>        E..V..... When Spatial AQ is enabled, this field is used to specify AQ strength. AQ strength scale is from 1 (low) - 15 (aggressive) (from 1 to 15) (default 8)
  -cq                <float>      E..V..... Set target quality level (0 to 51, 0 means automatic) for constant quality mode in VBR rate control (from 0 to 51) (default 0)
  -aud               <boolean>    E..V..... Use access unit delimiters (default false)
  -bluray-compat     <boolean>    E..V..... Bluray compatibility workarounds (default false)
  -init_qpP          <int>        E..V..... Initial QP value for P frame (from -1 to 51) (default -1)
  -init_qpB          <int>        E..V..... Initial QP value for B frame (from -1 to 51) (default -1)
  -init_qpI          <int>        E..V..... Initial QP value for I frame (from -1 to 51) (default -1)
  -qp                <int>        E..V..... Constant quantization parameter rate control method (from -1 to 51) (default -1)
  -weighted_pred     <int>        E..V..... Set 1 to enable weighted prediction (from 0 to 1) (default 0)
  -coder             <int>        E..V..... Coder type (from -1 to 2) (default default)
     default                      E..V.....
     auto                         E..V.....
     cabac                        E..V.....
     cavlc                        E..V.....
     ac                           E..V.....
     vlc                          E..V.....
  -b_ref_mode        <int>        E..V..... Use B frames as references (from 0 to 2) (default disabled)
     disabled                     E..V..... B frames will not be used for reference
     each                         E..V..... Each B frame will be used for reference
     middle                       E..V..... Only (number of B frames)/2 will be used for reference
  -a53cc             <boolean>    E..V..... Use A53 Closed Captions (if available) (default true)

Du mußt sicher nicht alles berücksichtigen. Wäre vielleicht interessant wenn man als User die Möglichkeit hätte, die fehlenden Optionen selber einzufügen. Bei QSVEnc hast du das ja freundlicherweise integriert: "Custom command line addition"
Super werde ich versuchen die Tage in Hybrid hinzuzufügen.
(momentan zu strikter Bettruhe vom Arzt verdonnert, aber es geht langsam wieder besser,..)

Cu Selur
Dann wünsche ich Dir erst mal "Gute Bessserung".

Gruß ggrub

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