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Reply to rant about why XP isn't supported
(03.03.2019, 13:32)Selur Wrote: Got a reply:
Quote:It's GR8 that U took time 2 'respond', but it really doesn't matter what U R saying about it.  Fact is you CAN make it support Windows XP, and you SHOULD! =D  There is always a 'reason', like a heroin junkie likes 2 get 'high', or a thief likes 'free stuff', or a rapist is 'very horny'.  Well so what?  Just because you made a MISTAKE & can explain away all the EXCUSES Y U (pretend 2 think) that U "can't" fix it, in reality & U most certainly can & it would only make U all that much more AWESOME 2 do so =D

About 30% of the PCs on Earth R running Window Sex Pee (Bill'$ big inside joke =))  From factories 2 real estate offices, power plants to grocery stores, & on & on & on in bazillion$...  'Just Do It'.  Don't 'Take A Knee' about it tho HAHA =:-o

Also, if U wanna' do something even MORE useful, there R some GR8 ways 2 further improve XP that nobody seems 2 currently B working on, like a mod 2 make it not 'lock out' if U change the motherboard or something with 'BSOD' (Blue Screen Of Death) & instead B like '98 & B 4 where it would automatically detect whatever it can when U move a drive 2 'new' hardware.  

Loads more tips if U want... but mainly, make your thing work on XP.  Pretending it is 'not possible' is a load of krap & U know it.  'Recompile' it, or use 'alternate' DLLs or something. It's not rocket science.  Well maybe it's harder HAHA  But I know lots of 'old krap' that WAAAY outperform 'latest greatest' garbage.  FFDShow is a GR8 xample...

Don't B an 'Apple Fag'.  B $OLUTION oriented.  & by that I mean, maybe people would actually PAY U 4 it, if U made it actually 'cross-platform', as in XP on 'up'.  Lin-Hell & the rest = Oh Pleeze... 'protest trash' nobody really uses.  Let the Mac Clowns pay 4 their 'Final Cut'.  U could maybe mod 'Super' converter & get that 'De-Spammed'?  There's another option! HAHA

'Can't Do XP Because BLABLABLA' = give me a break =P
I am 'The User' & what I say goze.
Make the product FOR YOUR AUDIENCE, not some 'elite' clique of random trolls out 2 spout sadistic 'Werx 4 MEEE!' giggles =))

Do I really need 2 list Y everything past XP is infinitely WORSE?!
Do U really not already know how HORIFICALLY CRIPPLED they R by comparison?
Yours is just 1 of many tools.  XP beats the field in overal flexibility.
If the rest were better, I'd B using them.
Yes, I try them out yearly, & they all SUUUUK! =D
My reply:
Hmm,... I thought I made myself clear:
  • Yes, I agree it could be possible to rewrite lots of tools (including Hybrid) to support Windows XP.
  • No, I don't think it's worth the effort, since I think:
    • the reasons 32bit Windows XP gets 'abandoned' are valid.
      • like: no support for NUMA and a few other extensions which are used in modern codecs
      • memory/ram limitation of 4GB due to 32bit (filtering of UHD content is not really usable)
      • 17+ years old, there are no drivers for most of my hardware, no security support by the manufacturer etc.
      • real user base is below 5%
    • My 'free' time is better spend fixing bugs and further developing Hybrid than trying to adjust xy tools for Windows XP.

-> Wish you the best of luck with your endeavour to get people to support Windows XP, but personally I don't think people will go for it.
But then there are portable turntable players and vinyl records are having a (slowly, but) steadily growing follower ship.

Cu Selur

It fascinates me that this man is somehow smart enough play around with video post-processing

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