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Full Version: Avisynth preview "Error ARGH"
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no process: true
no ipcClient: true
any details on the click order you used?
(05.11.2019, 18:25)Selur Wrote: [ -> ]any details on the click order you used?
1. Load the file.
2. Press "Autocrop".
3. Set "Convert output to "Square ЗФКЭю
4. Set "Resize" - "Target Resolution".
5. Press Avisynth preview.
To groggy today, but I'll look into it tomorrow after work.

Cu Selur
Today I again opened this file in the Hybrid and the Avisynth preview now works! In my opinion, it was necessary to restart the Hybrid.
Okay. Can't reproduce this here.
My guess is that a previous avsViewer instance somehow crashed without Hybrid knowing of it. (this is one of the cases where Hybrid reports 'ARGH')
-> if you find a way to reproduce the issue and you can write it down so that I can reproduce the issue I will look into it again Smile

Cu Selur