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Full Version: How to retain the MKV track's "name"
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I'd like to know if there is a way in Hybrid to retain the tracks names if they available.
For example in the case that audio track name is: "AC3 640 kbps" I'd like to have the same name after Hybrid encoding.
If you don't reencode the tracks and the option under "Config->Automation->Passtrough Tags" are enabled Hybrid should keep the titles of the tracks unless something is broken.

If that isn't the case for you share enough details for me to reproduce the issue.
(-> just did a small test, seems to work for mkv without an issue, is broken for mp4 -> will fix)

Cu Selur
With the available settings only Audio titles are save, while the subtitles titles are missing.
I attached the Hybrid debug output and MediaInfo output.
Yes, there is no option to passthrough the subtitle titles and atm. I do not plan to add such an option.
Since Hybrid does not track whether the titles come from external subtitles or subtitles which were in a container beforehand.

Cu Selur