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Full Version: Vapoursynth script not created
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Hello!  Please can someone help?  I am experienced at video processing but new to Hybrid Smile
Thank you!

Summary of problem
Hybrid does not apply certain denoise or degrain filters.

Hybrid Version:  2020.12.13.1
Operating system:  Windows 10 Pro 10H2 (fresh install)


1. Base tab
    a. Load MPEG-2 file into Hybrid
    b. Default container -> mkv
2. X264 tab
    a. CRF 18
    b. Preset “slower”
    c. Tune “film”
3. Filtering tab
    a. Vapoursynth -> DeNoise -> Enable KNLMeansCL
4. Base tab
    a. Set output file (e.g. E:\test.mkv)
    b. Add to queue

The job runs without applying the filter.  The encoding speed and output file size exactly match a file with no filter selected.

If I select a working filter (e.g. SMDegrain), I expect to see the first subjob is “01_create”, “generating vapoursynth file”.
For a non-working filter (e.g. KNLmeansCL), the first subjob is "01_video" and there are no subjobs relating to vapoursynth.

If I export the job queue, the .jobs file does not contain the vapoursynth script for the filters that are not working.  It does contain the scripts for working filters.

So far I have found:
  • SMDegrain (works)
  • KNLmeansCL (does not work)
  • TemporalDegrain (works)
  • MCTemporalDenoise (does not work)
  • QTGMC (does not work)
  • MCDegrainSharp (works)
Ah,... I can reproduce the issue.
Looking into it.
-> accidentally used '&&' instead of '||' will send you a pm with a fixed version in a few minutes.

Cu Selur