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Full Version: Will Hybrid (x265 and QTGMC deinterlace) run on MacBook (Apple M1 CPU), please?
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Can anybody check if Hybrid with x265 and QTGMC deinterlace will works on MacBook, or MacBook Pro, or Mac mini with Apple M1 CPU (MacOS 11 Big Sure), please? It may have better performance then my Rysen 5 3600 desktop with Windows 10. ? 

One DVD-Video movie thate etc 16-20 hours with this parameters:
x265 --pme --input - --output-depth 10 --y4m --profile main10 --qg-size 16 --me star --subme 7 --limit-modes --rect --amp --no-early-skip --tskip --bframes 8 --weightb --b-intra --ref 5 --rc-lookahead 80 --crf 18.00 --qpfile GENERATED_QP_FILE --limit-refs 3 --rd 6 --rdoq-level 2 --psy-rdoq 1.00 --aq-motion --aq-mode 3 --range limited --colormatrix unknown --pmode --preset slow --copy-pic --weightb --output OUTPUTFILE

QTGMC (Vapoursynth) - Slow, Bob, OpenCL

AAC (qaac) - Quality factor 127

I thank you very much for your answer, before.
I'd like to know that too.
a. Whether Hybrid runs at all (with Vapoursynth) using Rosetta 2.
b. How the performance is.

Cu Selur