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Full Version: Hybrid portable version for download
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Hi Selur,
another quesion - could you, please, post also portable versions of your downloads - Of course, portable versions could be easily created, but for example, I dont want to waste my time with long installation process.

Thank you.
I'm not planning to create a download for this.
I think the handful of users who would prefer a portable version, could - like you wrote yourself - easily create a portable version.
Seems like I can spend my free time on better things than having to maintain another download.
If someone if really motivated I can share the InnoInstallerScript .iss-project file and he could modify it to offer an alternative installation way and in case it was well done I could use that modified script then.

Cu Selur
OK. So nothing then.
Yes, I won't add another download, when it could be done by simply modifying the existing installer.
Since I lack the time (and motivation) to do it, I offered to share the Inno(Setup)-Installer script (attached it for those interested) and if someone modifies it properly I am willing to use it.

Cu Selur