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Full Version: 2D Cleaners and Rescale!!
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That's pretty amazing. Some of this machine learning stuff is getting crazy.
The model for anime in RealESRGAN for VS is amazing.

[Image: temp-Preview-Vapoursynth-File20-15-36-310-vpy-139.png]
Seems a lit too sharp one some edges but happy someone is using it. Smile

Cu Selur
(05.09.2021, 10:40)Selur Wrote: [ -> ]Seems a lit too sharp one some edges but happy someone is using it. Smile

Cu Selur

Thank to you, im using hybrid for runing vs-realesrgan and vs-basicvsr, and works very good. But im trying to load vs-basicvsrpp but i cant, i get a message and dont work, im install the mmcv_full-1.3.12-cp39-cp39-win_amd64.whl but still dont work. ┬┐can you help me to run vs-basicvsrpp in hybrid? Please.

Thank you so much for all your amazing program. Greetings!
BasicVCSR++ isn't supported through Hybrid, since I couldn't get it working (see:, but HolyWu made an update to get running on Windows easier this evening (sse:, if you call:
python -m pip install
python -m pip install --upgrade vsbasicvsrpp
you should be able to install BasicVCSR++.

I plan to write some code and add it to my local dev version tomorrow.
I will probably add in in two different places one where it can be used as resizer (model 0-2) and one where it can be used as for quality enhancement of heavily compressed videos (model 3-5).

Cu Selur
Send you a link via pm, okay forget that, still got a bug somewhere. Smile
-> will send a new pm once it's fixed. Smile
-> send a new link

Cu Selur
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