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Full Version: Unable to use Sharpness field for Denoise QTGMC in Vapoursynth
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Hopefully this is one you can reproduce easily!

Using Hybrid Dev v2021.06.03.1.

In Filtering -> Vaporsynth -> Denoise -> QTGMC, "Sharpness" does not work. I think it's supposed to default to 1.0 for for TR2=1 or more, and to 0.2 for TR2=0 (but that may have changed). The expected behavior should be no Sharpness setting if box is unchecked, and use Sharpness setting if box is checked, even if default value is used.

[Image: nnTwB9X.png]

It's currently possible to use Sharpness by using the "Addition" field:

[Image: lpp4i9K.png]
will look into it this evening, btw. you might want to use ,Sharpness not .Sharpness
It is a comma, it just didn't render well in the resized screenshot. It actually should be , Sharpness not ,Sharpness but either works.  Smile
Okay, found the cause of the issue (copy&paste bug).
Will send you a link to a new dev version in a few minutes via pm.
-> link is send

Cu Selur