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Full Version: VP8 webm no audio or video data in input
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I'm using Hybrid Windows 64-bit version 2021.07.18.1. When trying to input video message 'Found no audio or video data in input' pops up. I attached one of the videos that causes problems. Here is the url to one of the videos and debug output (
Got the file and debug output.
Will look at it this evening.
(had a quick look at it, I see the problem, and should be able to write a workaround for it this evening. Mplayers mkv demuxer can't handle the file.)

Cu Selur
send you a link via pm to a dev version for testing Smile

Cu Selur
Hi, same problem with VP9.
No details -> don't care.
(dont' even know what OS you are using or whether your problem is related to the one from kLasHog at all)