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Full Version: Hybrid introducing audio delay that is not present in source material
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How do I do that?
read the sticky,..
I have, I don't know what analysis of the file means, and I just sent the job creation in the previous post so I'm not sure what the different piece is that you want.

Here is the report file if that is what you meant

I cleared out my Temp folder which had some video files in there in case Hybrid was trying to pull from an existing file, but that did not work either.
The video extraction call is wrong.
Read the sticky and follow the steps it describes and you will have a debug output which contains all needed data.

Cu Selur
Ok, this should include the file opening process and analysis as well as the job process.
Okay, I'm confused.
The file you shared with me was a H.264 files.
That file is a Lagarith file:
Format                                   : Lagarith
Commercial name                          : Lagarith
Codec ID                                 : V_MS/VFW/FOURCC / LAGS
-> no wonder I couldn't reproduce this here, assumed a totally different source. Tongue

Okay, i can reproduce the problem with Lagarith files.
Looking into it.

Cu Selur
Sorry for the confusion. The 3rd post contains the .avi Lagarith file
After that I shared the out-of-sync output file which was .mp4 AVC
Thanks so much for the quick turnaround. I can confirm that the avi Lags passthrough is functional now.

Unfortunately we are back to the original problem which is the incorrect audio delay value.

Hybrid recognizes that the audio delay should be -43ms, but with some trial and error I have discovered the correct in-sync value is actually ~ -120ms. 
I had to input -77ms into the A/V Delay box.
Problem is unless I see no indication of that delay somewhere in the meta data so there sadly isn't anything I can do about that.

Cu Selur
That's too bad. I've got a stack of VHS tapes to process using the same setup. Hopefully they all have the same -43ms delay on loading and not a variable.

I received a crash error when transcoding Lagarith to x264 in the dev version. Debug attached.
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