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Full Version: Auto add subtitles
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I am fighting with one thing - how to set up hybrid to auto add subtitles from source to result video ?

I tried many settings combination but no luck - subtitles are still not muxed to result video.
If you enable "Config->Automation->Passthrough streams->Subtitle"
Quote:Passthrough subtitle:
enable to automatically passthrough subtitles from source to output
before loading a source, Hybrid will extract any subtitles it finds and add them to the subtitle queue for filtering.

If you already loaded a source enabling "Base->Processing->Subtitle->All subtitles" and pressing "Base->Processing->Subtitle->Extract&Add Subtitle"
Quote:Extract&Add Subtitle:
Depending on if 'All subtitles' is checked or not, if you press this button Hybrid will extract the current or all from the current subtitle streams in it's native format to the location you choose and then add it to the subtitle queue for the currently selected input.
If the current subtitle format is supported by the output container will be checked once 'Add to Queue' is pressed, since up to that point one can still change the output container.
does the same.

Cu Selur

Ps.: Note that if your output container does not support subtitles, in the format you got and/or Hybrid does not know a way to convert the subtitles to a useable format, the subtitles can not be passed through.
You've got to make sure to select the subtitle stream when setting up your output parameters. Also, check the output container you're using supports the subtitle format you're trying to mux in. I've found that using MKV as the output container usually gives me the least headaches when it comes to muxing subtitles.

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