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Full Version: Neo f3kdb Deband for AVS and VS
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Hi Selur,

can you add Neo f3kdb Deband filter to Avisynth and Vapoursynth? That would be cool, its a good Deband filter.

Doesn't it produce the same output as f4kdb Deband?

Cu Selur
Also what are the min/max values for the parameters?
Does one have to scale the values of range, Y, Cb, Cr, GrainY and GrainC depending on the color bit depth or is there a fixed range and the values will be automatically adjusted depending on the bit depth?

Cu Selur
In Staxrip in Vapoursynth, Neo f3kdb is not producing any noise:

clip = core.neo_f3kdb.Deband(clip, y=64, cb=64, cr=64, grainy=0, grainc=0)

[Image: ym70xQ2.png]

i have only found these .dlls

in Hybrid Flash3k is producing noise, Gradfun2D is also produce noise in debanded areas, i dont use Vaypoursynth, dont know about that DeBand filters

in Avisynth in Staxrip, i can choose when select f3kdb neo:

[Image: Vli4yUz.png]and[Image: RTcXbwk.png]

Then it looks like this in Avisynth:

neo_f3kdb(preset="high", output_depth=16)
Hmm,... if that is all, I could simply allow setting dither strength 0. Wink
(never thought 0 was allowed,... this happens if min/max isn't defined properly :/)

Cu Selur

Ps.: neo_f3kdb comes from afaik.
Thats would be cool.

in Flash3k, i have tried Mode: No dither, but its instantly crashing when job started, on Precision: No dithering dont do anything i think.

Seems like they dropped that (will fix), but setting Y&C dither to 0 seems to work.
Okay, Flash3k deband changed, both Mode&Precision have less options.
Ah, cool, i will try Y&C dither 0
Send you a link to a dev version to test, where I hopefully fixed Flash3kdb in Avisynth, also allowing dither to be 0.
Please test and let me know whether that also allows to skip the dithering.

Out of curiousity: Why not use Vapoursynth instead of Avisynth? (aside from a few filters basically everything is available on Vapoursynth and on newer systems faster and more stable)

Cu Selur
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